University of Buraimi Vision & Mission

V & M

Vision: Inspired Learning for Global Empowerment

Mission: Progress oriented education, research and engagement that contribute to quality of life, and learner centered experience enhanced by sustainable local and global partnerships.

Core Values:

  1.  Integrity: We, as members of the University of Buraimi, shall be guided by the principles of openness, consistency and honesty in all our actions while dealing with both internal and external stakeholders.
  2.  Respect: The University is an equal opportunities employer and educator that facilitate an environment where all students, staff and faculty are treated with the upmost respect regardless of religious, national or ethnic backgrounds.
  3. Commitment: We, as members of the University of Buraimi, are committed to sustainable development of both internal and external stakeholders by means of purpose oriented educational initiatives.
  4. Diversity: We, as members of the University of Buraimi, are committed to creating a true multicultural environment where students, staff, and faculty represent diverse nations, countries and cultures within the context of national priorities.
  5.  Excellence: We, as members of the University of Buraimi, shall consistently endeavor to be a quality conscious community reflecting our pursuit of excellence in education through all our actions.


Institutional Goals:

1)      To engage in academic initiatives that encourage students centered and life-long learning

2)      To promote research that serves the needs of the society and addresses strategic issues

3)      To invest in human and other resources that contribute to continued development

4)      To prepare students for purposeful and successful careers that meet local, regional and global challenges

5)      To create new knowledge and become a national repository of expertise

6)      To provide a conducive, supportive, and safe environment and facilities for the university community

7)      To encourage and support activities that transform students into responsible global citizens

8)      To engage with the industry and community to establish initiatives for common good

9)      To provide the shareholders optimal value within the context of quality education

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