Academic Polices

  1. Attendance and Absenteeism Warnings

Because regular attendance and participation in classes, lab sessions, and clinical placement activities is vital to the learning process for UOB students; because students learn differently via varied instructional modalities; and because absences can potentially impede the progress of the entire class, negatively impacting students’ learning outcomes and overall academic achievement; regular class attendance is expected of all UoB students.  Regulations regarding students’ attendance and absenteeism warnings are shown below:


1.1   All credit/non-credit courses shall be offered as follows:


No. of

Credit/Non Credit hours

No. of weekly Lectures Duration of Lecture Duration of Break
1 hour 1 50 minutes Non
2 hours 2 consecutive sessions 50 minutes 20 minutes
3 hours 2 consecutive sessions 1 hour 20 minutes 20 minutes
3 hours 2 1 hour 20 minutes Non
4 hours 2 consecutive sessions 1 hour 50 minutes 20 minutes
4 hours 2 1 hour 50 minutes Non
5 hours 3 1 hour 20 minutes Non
6 hours 3 1 hour 50 minutes Non
6 hours 4 1 hour 20 minutes Non
18 hours 5 3 hours Non
18 hours 5

each (2 consecutive sessions)

1 hour 45 minutes 30 minutes
20 hours 5 3 hours 20 minutes Non
20 hours 5

each (2 consecutive sessions)

1 hour   50 minutes 20 minutes


1.2. If and when a student’s total absences reach ten percent (10%) and twenty percent (20%) of class time allocated for a respective course, then the student shall be sent an official warning via his/her UoB email.


1.3. If and when a student’s total absences—whether excused or unexcused– reach twenty-five percent (25%) of class time allocated for a respective course, then the concerned student shall be restricted from attending the final examination for the particular course, while retaining the right to attend classes if he/she so chooses. A grade of “FA” for the concerned course shall be indicated on the student’s transcript and will negatively affect the student’s GPA.  Under certain mitigating circumstances, if it is deemed that the student’s absences were for a valid and justifiable reason, in such case the student shall be considered to be “Withdrawn” from the respective course(s).


1.4    Late Arrival: If students arrive within the first 15 minutes of the class, he/she shall be marked as late attendance and the system will automatically register one absence for each four such attendances. If students arrive after 15 minutes of the class, he/she shall be marked as absent. Should the faculty/instructor be late to class or a laboratory period, students shall wait a minimum of fifteen minutes. If during the fifteen minute waiting period no notification to remain is given, students may leave without penalty.


1.5    It shall not be permitted to cancel classes unless the following conditions apply:

  1. All the students did not attend the class for the first 15 minutes
  2. Prior arrangements were coordinated with the program director or College Dean.
  3. All students shall be informed via notice board, SMS, or E-mail.


1.6    Absenteeism percentages shall be calculated according to the table below:


No. of weekly


No. of Absences
10% 20% 25%(Deprived)
1 2 Absences 3 Absences 4 Absences
2 3 Absences 6 Absences 8 Absences
3 5 Absences 9 Absences 11 Absences
4 6 Absences 12 Absences 15 Absences
5 8 Absences 15 Absences 19 Absences
10 15 Absences 30 Absences 38 Absences
20 30 Absences 60 Absences 75 Absences



1.7 Regardless of whether and absence is excused or unexcused, warnings shall be issued to students as applicable and indicated above.


1.8 Upon commencement of the first class session after the date of registration or adding a course in some cases, students’ absences shall be recorded by the respective course instructor.


1.9 Students will be notified via their UoB email/SIS accounts regarding their “absence status” by the University Registrar.


1.10 Only in the following circumstances shall a student’s absence be deemed excused and will not be included in computing the absence rate:

  • Representing the government on an official mission: Students who are sent to represent their country by participating in a sports competition; or who are called to an emergency situation by the Armed Forces or Police shall be granted an excused absence, provided that prior permission is obtained and that the reason is substantiated by definitive evidence, showing that the student was contributing to the general welfare of the Sultanate of Oman,
  • Participating in sports, cultural, and other events as a University representative,
  • Field trips: As part of a class requirement or as authorized by the Dean,
  • Health-related Reasons: Absence for health-related reasons may be accepted only in case of protracted illness or serious accident necessitating hospitalization, maternity. Absence due to serious illness or death within a student’s immediate family may be excused
  • Court of Justice: Absence due to official subpoena by a Court of Justice shall be excused.

1.11 Faculty/instructors shall be responsible for calculating the percentage of classes missed per course and make the calculation weekly to ensure the accuracy and implementation of the policy.

1.12 Effective Spring 2013, faculty members shall be allowed 24 hours to make amendment to the students’ attendance in the SIS to prevent misuse of the system.

1.13 All faculty/instructors shall familiarize themselves and the students with the attendance and absenteeism regulations.

2. Academic Warning

    • After students have completed the study of 30 credit hours, their academic standing shall be recorded on their transcripts as either “Good” or “On Probation”. All students with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 2.0 shall be considered to be in good academic standing.
    • Students with a CGPA below 2.0 shall be placed on academic probation and shall accordingly receive a first academic warning. The maximum study load for students on academic probation shall be reduced as follows: Full time students– 12 credit hours for the Fall and Spring semesters and 6 credit hours for Summer semester; Part time students– 9 credit hours for the Fall and Spring semesters and 6 credit hours for Summer semester. Priority shall be given to students retaking either failed courses or courses with where only a “D” grade was achieved, before registering for any new subject courses.
    • The Academic Probation shall be removed only when the student’s CGPA reaches at least 2.0. However, the transcripts will still show any academic probation in previous semesters.
    • If a student fails to improve his/her CGPA sufficiently by the end of the subsequent semester, s/he shall remain on academic probation and receive a second academic warning.
    • If a student reaches the third consecutive academic warnings the following criteria will be implemented:
    • A student with a CGPA 1.5 and above, shall be given one more additional semester to remove the academic warning.
    • A student with a CGPA less than 1.5 shall be dismissed from the college.
    • If a student reaches the fourth consecutive academic warnings the following criteria will be implemented:
    • A student with CGPA 1.75 and above, shall be given the last exceptional semester to remove the academic warning upon Deans’ recommendations and UAC approval, otherwise will be dismissed from the college.
    • A student with CGPA less than 1.75 and with the core courses CGPA 1.80 and above, shall be given the last exceptional semester to remove the academic warning upon Deans’ recommendations and UAC approval.
    • If a student reaches the fifth consecutive academic warning s/he shall be dismissed from the college.


    A student who has been academically dismissed may appeal the decision to the college Dean, within two weeks of the date on the notification of dismissal. A dismissal ruling may be overturned by the UAC if deemed appropriate based on the recommendation of the college Dean.

    This process shall be repeated anytime the CGPA drops below 2.0


3. Repeating Courses

3.1 Failing Grade: Students who fail required courses must repeat them. The highest grade shall be accepted and counted towards the GPA. For elective courses, students may repeat the same course or its substitute in accordance with the approved study plan.

3.2 Passing Grade: Students wishing to repeat a passed course in order to raise their grade/GPA, may not re‐register for that course more than twice. The higher grade shall be accepted and counted towards the GPA, and the lower grade will be discounted.


4. Duration of Study Programs at UOB

The minimum and maximum periods of study for all UOB students are defined as follows:

4.1 The maximum period of study shall not surpass twelve (12) regular semesters (or its equivalent).

4.2 For students transferring to UoB or changing their major/degree, the number of semesters   achieved will be one semester for every 15 credit hours counted towards the academic plan.

4.3 The period of “Registration Hold” shall be excluded from the aforementioned periods of study.


5.The Semester and the Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)

5.1Semester Grade Point Average:

The Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA) is the average of grade points received in a particular semester and is computed by multiplying the credit‐hours of a respective course by the grade points earned by the student in that particular course. The sum is then divided by the total number of registered credit hours.



Course C.H Grade C.H.



Semester GPA
Letter Grade Grade Points
BUSI 102 6 B 3 18 Total Points ÷ Credit Hours


BUSI 103 6 C 2 12
BUSI 104 3 B 3 9
BUSI 105 3 B 3 9
  18            48 Semester GPA=48 ÷18=2.67 pt


5.2 Cumulative Grade Point Average:

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is computed using the same concept as above; however, for all grades received during past semesters (excluding all transferred courses from outside UOB) and including the one completed last. All courses and grades obtained by the student shall be recorded in the student’s transcript. An asterisk (*) is noted opposite the grades that are omitted while calculating the cumulative GPA. When calculating the CGPA, all fail (F) grades that are not replaced by a pass grade shall be counted in the computation.



Course C.H Grade C.H.



Semester GPA
Letter Grade Grade Points
BUSI 101 6 B 3.0 18 Total Points ÷ Credit Hours


BUSI 102 6 C 2.0 12
BUSI 103 3 B 3.0 9
BUSI 104 3 B 3.0 9
  18            48 Semester GPA=48 ÷18=2.67 pt
BUSI 105 6 B+ 3.5 21 Total Points ÷ Credit Hours


BUSI 106 6 C+ 2.5 15
BUSI 107 3 D+ 1.5 4.5
BUSI 108 3 B 3.0 9.0
  18          49.5 Semester GPA=49.5 ÷18=2.75 pt
Total 36




Cumulative GPA=97.5÷36=2.71




6.Student Evaluation & Grading System

The student’s total grade received for a course shall reflect the student’s work during the semester and performance in the mid‐term and final exams. The following is the grading system followed at UoB:


Total Grade Letter Grade Grade Points Grade Classification   Other Grades Acronym
90-100 A 4.00 Excellent   Incomplete I
85-89 B+ 3.50 Very Good   Exempt; Credit count EX
80-84 B 3.00   Transfer; Credit count TC
75-79 C+ 2.50 Good   Withdrawal W
70-74 C 2.00   Audit AU
65-69* D+ 1.50 Sufficient   In Progress IP
60-64 D 1.00      
<60 F 0.00 Fail      
Fail(Absent) FA 0.00      
Non Credit Hours Courses      
65 and Above P 0.00 Pass      
<65 NP 0.00 Not pass      



Grade descriptions:

A     Exceptional Performance: All course objectives achieved; objectives met in a consistently outstanding manner

B     Very Good Performance: Significantly more than the majority of the course objectives achieved (majority being at least two thirds); objectives met in a consistently thorough manner

C     Satisfactory Performance: At least the majority of course objectives achieved; objectives met satisfactory

D     Minimally Acceptable Performance: Less than the majority but more than the minimum required course objectives achieved; objectives met at a minimally acceptable level

F     Unacceptable Performance: Minimum required course objectives not met; objectives not met at a minimally acceptable level, no credit earned


Grades that are not calculated in the Grade Point Average are as follows:

I     The Incomplete grade shall be issued in extreme cases for extenuating non-academic circumstances that prevent the student from completing all course requirements on time.  The incomplete course work must be completed by the agreed date with the course faculty; otherwise, the incomplete grade will be changed automatically to a grade F in the subsequent semester.

IP  In – Progress grade shall be issued when a course is currently taken by a student.

TC Transfer: The TC symbol shall be issued when credit has been taken at another institution and accepted as a transfer.

W  Withdrawal symbol shall be assigned to a student who officially withdraws from a course before the deadline set in the Academic Calendar


7. Missing Exam Policy

7.1 Student’s Failure to Attend Quiz/assignment/Class work

·  Make‐up quizzes/assignment/Class work can be arranged at the course instructor’s discretion.


7.2 Student’s Failure to Attend a Midterm Exam

. Students must submit excuses/requests and related materials to the Admissions & Registration Department within seven days of the last day of absence for which an excuse is required.

· All medical certificates presented by students must be officially stamped by the Ministry of Health (Department of Health and Medical Services).

· The thirteenth (13th) week of Fall & Spring semesters and the sixth (6th) week of Summer semester are the only times during which midterm make-up examinations shall be held; If a student fails to attend the midterm make‐up exam on the specified date, s/he shall be restricted from any and all further midterm make‐up exams for the respective course, even if s/he provides again a valid excuse for the absence.


7.3 Student’s Failure to Attend a Final Exam

· Any student who fails to attend the final exam of any UoB course shall receive an “F” grade for that course.  If the said absence is due to a compelling medical emergency, certified in writing, the student must submit the medical leave certificate to the Registrar’s office within seven days of the last day of absence clearly indicated in the medical report.  The student must then complete and submit the “Incomplete Grade Form”. In such a case, the student shall receive an Incomplete “I” grade for the respective course.

· If the student fails to attend the make‐up exam on the specified date, s/he shall be restricted from any further make‐up even if s/he provides a valid excuse. In such case s/he shall receive an “F” for the respective course.


7.4 Incomplete Grade

·All make‐up final exams must be administered to students prior to the week of registration for the subsequent regular semester as identified by the Registrar’s office. If a student fails to attend the make‐up exam, s/he shall receive a grade of “F” for the respective course.

· The student’s final grade for the “Incomplete” course shall be counted as part of the results for the academic semester in which the student registered for the course.

· Only the UoB Vice Chancellor has the authority to waive penalties imposed on the student, upon submission of a valid and substantiated reason.

8.Change of Major / College at UOB

UoB students who wish to change their major or degree must complete and submit the appropriate form to the Admissions and Registration Department no later than three (3) weeks prior to the end of the respective semester.

Students may change to another major/degree under the following conditions:

o  Student has discussed the change with his/her academic advisor to ensure the following criteria are met:

o  The entry requirements of the proposed program.

o The availability of a place on the proposed program.

o The viability of completion of the proposed program, including sufficient time available.

o Student is in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.0 or higher

o Student has reviewed the curriculum worksheet for the new program and understands which courses from his/her current program of study will transfer into the new program.

o  The approval of the Deans of the former and proposed programs.

The approval of MOHE for scholarship students

9.Student Clearance

Students who intend to graduate or cancel their enrollment at UOB shall complete and submit a clearance form. The clearance form is intended to ensure that the student has cleared any pending balance with the accounting office, returned borrowed books to the library, returned any rented locker keys to Student Services, and submitted contact information to the ARD, etc. The clearance form may be collected from the Admissions and Registration Department (ARD) or its website.

10.Courses offered at Other Institutions

10.1 For the purpose of quality assurance, students shall not be permitted to take any courses (General, Support and Core) or major courses outside UoB (Exceptions are made for only two college/major courses (other than Capstone and Internship) where the student is graduating in the same or the next semester and the course is not offered at UoB. A list of universities approved by UoB may be obtained from the Registrar.

10.2 Courses registered at any other institution without prior approval shall not be transferred.


10.3 The following conditions must be satisfied for registering in off‐campus course in Summer semester:

·  The course is part of the student’s curriculum.

· The student must be in good academic and disciplinary standing.

· The student must complete an application form available from the Admission & Registration Department and receive prior  approval from his/her Dean.

·The course(s) should be equivalent to a UoB course with at least 80% of the content. Students should provide a course description and course syllabus.

· Only a course with a “C” grade or higher will be credited (equivalent to a GPA of 2.0/ Minimum 70%).

·  Regulations regarding transfer of credits apply. See Process Statement on Admission (section on Transfer Credits).

11.Graduation Requirements

11.1 In order to graduate, students must maintain a cumulative CGPA of not less than 2.00 and complete the total number of the credit hours according to their academic plan (Diploma/Bachelor Degree).

11.2 The annual commencement (or graduation) ceremony officially marks the occasion during which the University of Buraimi confers degrees on students who have completed their graduation requirements within the same academic year (i.e. between September 1st and prior to August 31st of the subsequent year). Students expecting to complete their graduation requirements may attend the graduation ceremony, although their degree shall not be conferred until all requirements have been met.

12.Honors System

12.1 Commencement Honors

Only students who have completed all degree requirements prior to the commencement ceremony shall be eligible to be considered for degree honors. Classifications for graduation honors are as follows:

      Magna Cum Laude: GPA 3.6 through 3.79

      Summa Cum Laude: GPA 3.8 through 4.0

12.2 Dean’s List

To be eligible for the dean’s list, a student is required to have completed a minimum of thirty (30) credit hours, not including courses taken for pass‐fail credit. Classifications are shown below:

-Dean’s Highest Honors: GPA 3.8 through 4.

13.Withdrawal from the University

Any student who wishes to withdraw from the University must complete and submit the appropriate form to the Admissions & Registration Department.  In such cases, the refund policy indicated in the Process Statement on Tuition, Registration, & Other Fees shall apply.

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