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Registration Terminology 


1-Registration Procedures

The registration process for regular and visiting students is comprised of two (3) primary and complementary phases:

a) Online Early Booking: The Admission and Registration Department (ARD) provides online early booking service for students who will register in Fall/Spring semesters in order to help them avoid last minute problems arising out of closure of sections and by planning their courses in advance. This service can be availed by regular students only. No fees need to be paid for this online early booking of courses. The fees can be paid during the regular registration week for Fall/Spring.

b) Advising/Selection of Courses:  Upon careful consideration and due consultation with his or her   assigned academic advisor, the student shall establish a definitive plan of courses in which to enroll for a respective semester.  Both the academic advisor and the concerned student shall sign the completed, official registration form detailing the plan of courses. Students may also register online at

c) Remittance of Payment for Fees:  The student shall submit the signed, completed registration form to the University Cashier’s Office and remit payment of all accumulated fees, at which time he/she shall receive confirmation of registered courses.   The student’s class schedule shall be subsequently forwarded to the student via SIS.

2- Online Registration

  1. Web Access to Online Registration
  2. Open the web browser and write the following address:
  3. Enter user name and password.
  4.   Press “Log in

  Note: The following students are not allowed to register online:

  • At-Risk students (should check their academic Advisor); however, they can use the “Online Early Booking.”
  • Those who are supposed to register in foundation courses (should check the financial Dep.)
  1. Booking Online
  2. Select “Online Registration” from “Registration” drop down menu.
  3. Student Advising” screen will appear.
  4. A page divided into 2 sections will appear:
    1. The first section shows student details
    2. The second section shows Registered/Booked courses details (if available).


  1. Press on (Booking Page) at the bottom of the screen. The graduation plan will appear.

Note: “Booking Page” button will not appear if the student is not permitted to be registered.

  • If the student has completed the “Online Early Booking”: the system will download your early booking automatically.
  • Click on “Save Booking at the bottom of the booking page. (A message will appear confirming the booking which is then reserved for a period of 48 hours.)
  • Follow the instructions of “Confirming the Booking”. Refer to item “C-Confirming the Booking.”


  • If the student has not completed the “Online Early Booking” please follow these steps:
  1. Press on the course name that you wish to register in (Only active courses).
  2.             A small window will appear containing all the sections offered for the selected course.
  3. Press on the Section No. to select the required section.
  4. The sections you have selected will be highlighted in green color, and then close that window from the right bottom.
  5. To unselect the course, press on (X) button.
  6. Press “Save Booking” at the bottom of the booking page.
  7. Follow the instructions of “Confirming the Booking”. Refer to item “C-Confirming the Booking.”
  8. Close this window.

Registering in Waiting Lists:

In case the course was not offered, and the student was eligible to register in, waiting list link will appear beside the course title.


  1. Click on waiting list link.
  2. Confirmation message will appear.
  3. Press “Yes” bottom button.
  4. List of waiting list courses will appear on the page bottom.


Re-taking a course

If a student wishes to register for a course that s/he has taken previously, s/he should complete the registration procedures through the Registration Office.

Incomplete Booking

If a student wants to register in less than the minimum number of courses normally allowed, he/she should check the Dean’s office to complete the registration process.




  1. Confirming the Booking

During the registration week:

Sponsor students by (MOHE, Companies, and Establishments) should follow the following steps:

1- Booking confirmation window will appear.

2- Booking Confirmation page will appear.

3- Press “Confirm Confirmation”

4- Print your class Schedules.

5- Close this window.


Private students by should follow the following steps:

  • To confirm your booking online, 50% of courses fees at least, should deposit in the student account.
  • Follow the steps from (1-5) in the previous item (C).


  1. Complete all required financial procedure with the cashier and receive the final copy of class schedule.
  2. Once complete all required financial procedure, the booked courses are confirmed.


  1. Dropping all registered courses

Student can drop all registered courses according to the academic calendar as follow:

  1. Select “Online Registration” from “Registration” drop down menu.
  2. Student Advisingscreen will appear.
  3. Press on “Drop All Courses” at the screen bottom.
  4. Warning message will appear (Press “Yes” to continue).
  5. Confirmation message will appear
  6. Press “Yes” to continue.

Students are fully responsible for their online registration and may not blame the University for losing their booked courses for unknown reasons. The system is totally error free.

  1. Other Online Registration Services               

A student can access the following information via the Online Registration home page:

  1. Academic Transcripts
  2. Academic Curriculum
  3. Graduation Plan
  4. Class Schedule (My Schedule)
  5. Early Booking.
  6. Online Booking (Registration)
  7. Course Offerings for the Semester (Class Schedules)
  8. Course Grades (My Grades)
  9. Advisor’s name.
  10. Attendance Report.
  11. Account Statement and payment history.
  12. Academic Calendar
  13. Official Holidays
  14. Student Housing Reservation
  15. Course Descriptions.
  16. Student evaluation of teaching.


3-Registration Terminology

Academic Advisor A member of UOB faculty who guides and mentors students regarding any academic-related concerns.
Academic Calendar A comprehensive, chronological compilation of all UOB-endorsed, academic-related tasks, events, and activities for each academic year.


Academic Warning An official written correspondence delivered to any undergraduate student whose cumulative grade point average (CGPA) has dropped below the 2.0 minimum requirement for any respective semester. Three such written correspondences shall result in the concerned student’s dismissal from the university.
Academic Year The duration spanning from September to August, in which time UOB is officially in session.
Academic Standing As indicated on a student’s academic transcript, the official designation defining a student’s academic position at any given time, categorized as follows: ”Academic Standing: Good”—if the student’s CGPA is 2.0 or higher; “Academic Standing: Probation”—if the student’s CGPA falls below 2.0.


Admission Official approval and recognition of a student as a regular degree-seeking student in any respective UOB academic program.
Appeal A formal, written correspondence submitted by any UoB student wishing/attempting to dispute a grade or academic-related decision imposed on him or her by the University.
At Risk Students Undergraduate student whose cumulative grade point average (CGPA) has dropped below the 2.0 minimum requirements for any respective semester.
Audit Special authorization that allows any resident of Oman, upon satisfying identified requisite criteria, to fulfill requirements for a particular university course while being granted exclusion from completing assignments and formative/summative assessments for said course.
Bachelor’s Degree Academic degree awarded to a student upon successful completion of an undergraduate academic program, usually in a four-year period.


Class Schedule An official collation of course-relevant academic information such as days, time, classroom location, mid-term and final exam details, circulated by the University each semester.


Class Standing Appropriate designation by which students are categorized according to the total number of credit hours successfully completed. Categories are delineated as follows: “freshman”—completion of 0 to 30 credit hours; “sophomore”—completion of 33 to 60 credit hours; “junior”—completion of 63 to 90 credit hours; and “senior”—completion of over 90 total credit hours.


Course A program of instruction in a particular subject area that comprises multiple activities for a specified length of time. Courses are designated as “required” meaning it is compulsory for the student or “elective” meaning the student has the freedom of choice to take a particular course or a different course of an identified listing of suitable courses.


Co‐ requisite A formal course of study that must be taken simultaneously with another course (or in certain cases, before taking another course).
Credit Hour A unit of measure for educational credit representing one hour of class per week for one regular academic semester or term.
Curriculum An organized program of learning designed according to subject area and normally segregated into either General Education courses, College-specific courses (Core and Support), and/or major-specific courses (Required and Elective).


Disciplinary Standing Behavioral-related designation of a student at a particular point in time that is indicated on the student’s academic transcript and identified as follows: “Disciplinary Standing: Probation” if the student has engaged in severe misconduct—academic or non-academic; or “Good Disciplinary Standing” if the student has not engaged in any such acts of misconduct.


Dismissal Official discharge of a student from the University due to unsatisfactory academic performance or grave misconduct.


Drop and Add The process at the beginning of each semester or term by which a student’s course schedule can be adjusted—by adding or deleting a course(s) without penalty.


Fee A fixed sum of charges, excluding tuition fees, for any services rendered by the University.


First‐Time Student Refer to section Student, Regular.


Full‐Time Student Refer to section Study Load.


General Education A structured, integrated program of study ranging across various disciplines, which serves as a fundamental, inclusive knowledge base for all undergraduate students, irrespective of degree program.
GPA A quantifiable measure of a student’s academic achievement at UOB in a given semester or term.  In contrast, a student’s cumulative GPA (CGPA) is a measure of academic achievement in all courses taken at the University.
Grade Point The numerical equivalent of a letter grade (A, B, C, D, etc.) achieved by a student in a particular course.


ID Card A card bearing a student’s identifying data, issued by the University, sanctioning and/or restricting access to UoB facilities and/or services.


Incomplete Grade A provisional rating indicating a student has not fulfilled one or more

requirements for a particular course, which may be granted to a student who provides reasonable and valid documentation as justification of said provision.

Major A primary academic field of study to which a student officially commits.


Part Time Student Refer to section Study Load.



A formal written correspondence by which a student may request and/or pursue exemption from or special consideration for a particular University policy, regulation, deadline, or other mandate.


A form of assessment that measures a student’s level of knowledge and/or proficiency in a given subject for the purpose of appropriate course assignment, which serves as one of several deciding factors for students’ admission to the University.


Placement Test
Corrective or preparatory courses required for student who do not satisfactorily score or successfully pass UoB Placement Tests.


Remedial (foundation)


A formal course of study that must be successfully completed by a student prior to enrollment in a subsequent course.


The official method by which students enroll in UoB courses for a given semester or term, thereby entering into a contract with the University.


A period of instruction usually of fifteen (15) weeks, two of which periods comprise the typical Academic Year (Fall semester + Spring semester).


The term used to describe a UoB student who has chosen and enlisted in courses but has not yet fulfilled the University requirements for registration.


Student, Enrolled
The term used to describe a UoB student who has registered in courses and fulfilled all obligations as required by the University in a given semester or term.


Student, Registered
The term used to describe any degree-seeking student who has been fully accepted by the ARD, enrolled in respective courses, and subsequently officially registered for a given academic semester or term. Such students may be categorized as “first-time students”, indicating an initial connection to any university; or “transfer students”, indicating a transition to UoB from a previous university or institution of higher learning.


Student, Regular
The term referring to a student who is officially housed in another accredited institution of higher learning but has been granted authorization to register at UoB as a “non-degree-seeking student” for a duration not to exceed two (2) consecutive semesters, and for a maximum of sixty-three (63) credit hours; such as student may be granted regular admission status upon due fulfillment of all University admissions and/or other applicable requirements.


Student, Visiting
A detailed delineation of courses in which a UoB student has enrolled for a given semester, specifying days, times, and locations of class sessions, as well as mid-term and final examination particulars.



Student Schedule
During any given semester, the aggregate number of credit hours for which a student is officially registered, categorized as follows: Full-time—minimum of 15 credit hours; and Part-time—less than 12 credit hours. Study Load
Official recording of a student’s academic achievements, to include any disciplinary-related actions.


Equivalent or comparable coursework completed by a student at another institution of higher education and recognized as a substitute course for a UOB course.



Transfer, Credit
Refer to Student, Regular.


Transfer, Student
Total amount of charges per semester, or term where applicable, levied upon any student registered for UoB courses.


Tuition Fees
The official term describing a student enrolled in and subsequently working towards attainment of a Baccalaureate degree.


The official term denoting a student’s formal separation from a course(s) while still acknowledging/maintaining academic relations with the University. Withdraw, Course
The official term describing a student’s formal separation from the university, excluding graduation.


Withdraw, University

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