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CFS Director’s Message

Dr. Ali R Al Hassnawi, CFS Director

Dr. Ali R Al Hassnawi, CFS Director

Welcome to the Centre of Foundation Studies (CFS) at the UoB.

Almost all new students usually have to pass by the CFS before moving to join their specialization programs offered by the Colleges of the University.

CFS accommodates and prepares the newly admitted students to enrol in the colleges. Under the umbrella of CFS you will find one independent programme running, namely The General Foundation Programme (GFP),  beside other course including General University Requirements Courses–(GUR) and 3. English for Special Purposes (ESP). Our multicultural team includes qualified personnel who are committed and enthusiastic to achieve CFS aims and goals. All CFS students and staff are subject to the requirements laid down by the University with respect to the regulations, bylaws, policies, and procedures. As such, we constitute an integral part of UoB structure and larger community. We work in close collaboration with all UoB’s academic as well as administrative entities to achieve our goals, aligned to UoB’s Mission and Vision. Student is the centre of all CFS academic teaching and learning activities and practices. Towards the achievement of our goals, we strive to use modern methodologies in this regard supported by the latest supportive teaching and learning technologies.

As we aspire to provide quality services to/for our students, we need the support and contribution of all stakeholders, being students, parents, academic, or administrative staff.  We highly recognize and appreciate all contributions that help us to reach our goals.

My best wishes of sustainable success for all.

Dr. Ali R. Al-Hassnawi

CFS Director


Dear Prospective student,

We aspire to:

Be a center of excellence and a distinguished source of knowledge where learners acquire basic skills and knowledge required to pursue their academic programs successfully.

We are committed to:

Create ideal academic platform for learners to accommodate themselves with the new atmosphere of university education and proceed with their studies successfully.

Contribute effectively to the achievement of UoB’s mission as a center of regional and international academic excellence.

CFS Offering the following courses:

·    General Foundation Program (GFP)

·    GUR and LSP

CFS Organizational Structure

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Phone: + 968 25655509 +968 25648300
Email: info@uob.edu.om

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