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Dr. Jeremy Brown
Acting Dean, College of Business

Success is a journey not a destination, at the heart of the College of Business beliefs is a commitment to provide high quality education, to instill work-place skills and knowledge and to help you on the journey to successfully compete in your chosen career. The University’s Internationalization Strategy ensures that the College of Business programs are delivered in a global context with international expertise, to enable knowledge transfer for economic and social sustainability. Our specialist programs aim to develop your understanding of issues affecting the global business world, whilst graduating with strong managerial, leadership, and critical thinking skills.  

We understand the importance of the practice of management and facilitate your experience of the commercial world through a variety of programmes, including the College of Business Internship Programme, and final Graduation Project. The Internship Programme will provide you with valuable work experience, allow you to develop interpersonal workplace skills as well as an understanding of social responsibility issues. Essential research skills are developed during the final year Graduation Project, enhancing you numeric and analytical skills, refining verbal and written communication, as well as developing your critical thinking and lifelong learning skills. Our international faculty enjoy helping you tackle complex problems and make the most of your time within the College of Business. A wide range of learning strategies are utilized to develop an active learning environment including; lectures, tutorials, computer laboratory work, individual and group desk work, online research, class discussion and problem solving, collaborative learning, presentations, and project work.

 We hope that your time within the College of Business will be fruitful and we look forward to joining you on the journey towards your success.


Dr. Jeremy Brown

Acting Dean, College of Business


College of Business Programs

Bachelor of Art in Business Administration & E- Business Management

Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems

Bachelor of Art in Islamic Finance & Banking

Bachelor in Global Supply Chain Management & Logistics



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