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Prof. Dr. Ahmad Jamrah Dean, College of Engineering

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Jamrah Dean, College of Engineering

Welcome to the College of Engineering at University of Buraimi.  The College of Engineering offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in the major areas of Civil Eng

ineering, Architectural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Information and Communication Engineering. The College of Engineering provides first class teaching facilities. The close proximity of other departments fosters a climate of collaboration and most of our faculty members are involved in interdisciplinary teaching.

This is a time of great opportunity for engineers. Civil engineers have

a major role in shaping our future and the world we live in. Civil engineering involves structures such as buildings, bridges, tunnels, roads and railways. The type of work carried out by civil engineers includes planning, designing, and supervision of construction of high-rise buildings, airports, water treatment centers, and sanitation plants. Careers for civil engineers are available in the areas of government and private sectors, consulting, and construction.

Architectural engineering and architecture would involve the overall design of buildings along with needed structural and/or mechanical systems necessary for proper function of buildings. Architectural engineers are expected to work in coordination with civil, mechanical and electrical engineers. Careers for architectural engineers are available in the areas of government and private sectors.

Mechanical engineering is concerned with the application of the scientific principles in the areas of mechanics and thermosciences to mechanical systems and their design. Mechanical engineers are involved in the design of all types of machines; from the very complex ones such as vehicles, trains, airplanes, space shuttles; to the simpler ones such as bicycles, coffee machines, and so on. Mechanical engineering job opportunities are abundant in many areas; including air conditioning and refrigeration, automotives, biomedical, manufacturing, and robotics. Careers for mechanical engineers are available in the areas of government and private sectors.

Information and communications engineering involves the fields of computers/information processing (hardware and software), information networks, communication systems, signal processing, media technologies and information electronics.  As an information and communications engineer, you will be dealing with the advances, the cutting edge, and dynamic Information Technology industry of today. Careers for information and communications engineering engineers are available in the areas of government and private sectors.

Our emphasis on practice, discipline, team work and engineering fundamentals, together with engineering design and communication skills prepares our graduates for genuine learning and for various and inspiring careers in their engineering fields.  Our programs prepare our graduates to be leaders in their profession, policy and decision makers at the local, national and regional levels. Our graduates are expected to also be prepared to pursue careers in their disciplines or enroll in graduate schools where they can become leading researchers and educators at academic institutions.

Prof. Dr. Ahmad Jamrah
Dean, College of Engineering


College of Engineering Programs:

Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering

Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Engineering

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