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Dr. Abdullah Said Al Kalbani, Acting Dean, College of Engineering

Welcome to the College of Engineering (CoE) at University of Buraimi (UoB).

 The CoE as part of UoB considers the student as its most precious product and is committed to do its best to assure quality education and ethics for future leaders in their filed

CoE offer six programs currently in Bachelor and Diploma level. These programs are Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Interior Architecture.

The Architectural Engineering Program provides students with the tools necessary to solve Architectural problems critical to our society’s well-being. The Program prepares graduates for entry into the Architecture profession, for life-long learning, and to function as Architects in a global society.

 The Civil Engineering Program prepares and provides the workforce in technology development for sectors of construction industry. This structure allows students to proceed in specialization gradually.

The Bachelor of Information and Communication Engineering Program combines traditional telecommunications engineering topics with current information technology, software engineering, and data analysis topics. The program balances theoretical and practical experience in information and communications engineering through analysis, synthesis, and experimentation, using various instructional laboratories and student-centered learning methodologies.

Mechanical Engineering Program encompasses the traditional roles of Mechanical Engineering in areas of analysis, design, manufacturing, and testing of mechanical and thermal systems, while also including emphasis in system integration, propulsion systems, concurrent engineering, and other competitive engineering practices. Design for manufacture considers additional elements such as consumer satisfaction, time to market, and others.

Computer Engineering Program prepares engineers to work in both Computer software and Computer hardware environments. They are able to develop applications and solve different types of problems.

Interior Architecture covers designing and implementing interiors that provides safety, functionality, and aesthetics (beautiful and attractive appearance). As an interior architect, you manage the use of light, color, textures, furniture, and materials to create or refinish spaces at residential or commercial buildings according to taste of your clients.

In addition, CoE provides community engagement such as short courses, workshops and advisory services.

CoE looks to the future with a tremendous sense of optimism and anticipation to advance even further. International Accreditation and Post Graduate studies are the most   important directions in the soonest future.

If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding career in the increasingly high-tech world of the 21st century, engineering is the correct choice and UoB is the right place to be.


 Dr. Abdullah Said Al Kalbani

Acting Dean, College of Engineering


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