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The unit of Campus Life at University of Buraimi oversees four different sections: Sports and recreation, Student development, Annual and Special events and Off-campus opportunities and exchange programs. Throughout the year students can enjoy a wide range of activities and programs to enhance their academic experience at UoB. Moreover, the department is a primary source of information about student organizations, student publications and student involvement.


The unit of Campus Life at UoB aims at fostering the mission of University of Buraimi through the establishment of a broad and rich opportunities of learning by means of its diversified cultural, social, sports, recreational and civic programs, facilities and services to contribute to the holistic development of each student and to enhance the sense of community within the borders of the university and the Sultanate of Oman.


Being one department within Student Affairs, Student Campus Life Unit believe in its powerful impact on the lifetime learning of its students’ leadership skills, community involvement and success/ achievements through its high quality programs and professional behavior.

Educational Goals

Student Campus Life Unit aims at fostering the following educational goals:

  • Emotional, physical, mental and behavioral development of UoB students.
  • Awareness of oneself by discovering strengths and weaknesses.
  • Problem-solving skills and abilities.
  • Communication proficiency.
  • Leadership characteristics.



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