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University of Buraimi is committed to a policy of fair treatment for its students/faculty/staff in their relationships with student, administration, faculty, staff and other members of the University community. The purpose of this policy is to establish and implement a complaint procedure.

The Office of Student Affairs Director has a commitment to ensuring that all complaints are resolved using a clear, fair and reliable management process. The University treats complaints seriously and ensures all processes are clear, prompt, confidential and fair to all parties.

Thus, UoB students can easily submit a non-academic complaint through the Complaint System on SIS Self-Service. The system gives opportunity to check the complaint status online by assigning each complaint with a unique code for future references.

It is important to read the Complaint Policy and the step-by-step guide before submitting a complaint.

Guidance & Advising:

Guidance & Advising is a developed section. While the section has met with a well-received and productive start, we would like to encourage you all to help in developing it further. We believe that your opinion as a stakeholder is the most important element in creating a lively section which attends to the students’ expectations, challenges and needs.

The section for Guidance & Advising plays a very important role in the retention and persistence of University of Buraimi students. The section is trying to establish a close relation with the students, so it can identify and attend to their academic and non-academic needs. Walking this path, we want to help students in understanding the university’s environment. Also, we would like to create communication channels between the students and the university’s community in general.

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