The College of Business (CoB) with its value-based curriculum offers a unique opportunity to engage in a program of higher education that allows students to develop their business knowledge while acquiring management and leadership skills that will help shape their lives, influence their mind-set and successfully advance their careers. At the heart of the College is a commitment to provide high quality education, to instill work-place skills and knowledge. This is done in conjunction with developing creative and analytical problem-solving abilities. The College programs are delivered in a global context with international expertise, and we aim to develop your understanding of issues affecting the global business world, whilst graduating with strong managerial, leadership, and critical thinking skills.

The CoB is enriched with an outstanding faculty of highly qualified and experienced personnel who come from diverse backgrounds from around the world, some of them leaders in their respective fields having research papers and accredited publications to their credit. Being innovative thinkers and passionate teachers, they work towards understanding and supporting their student’s diverse learning needs with the objective of getting the best out of each of them.

The ethos of the college is to provide students with a memorable and fruitful learning experience through engagement in creative tasks and activities that bring out the best in them. Our graduates are well founded in business fundamentals, blended with the highest standards of professional and ethical behaviour and are prepared to meet the challenges of the workplace and the needs of society as only professionals can do. In addition, we develop student’s managerial skills and leadership qualities to prepare them to become business leaders nationally and internationally. Furthermore, we are very fortunate to have dedicated and talented faculty and staff who are accessible to students and committed to their success.

The College of Business provides high quality education and prepares the students to be leaders in their field by equipping them to take up long and successful careers in industry and government. CoB contributes to a dynamic cultural diversity and offers incredible academic environment with highly dedicated faculties, value based curriculum, and magnificent facilities. You can find numerous opportunities for learning and growth both inside and outside of the classroom. Each faculty member works closely with the students moulding them to be successful, creative and innovate and equips them to face the global competitive world fearlessly.

Most importantly The College of Business is subject to periodical reviews by The Ministry of Higher Education in The Sultanate of Oman, which assures that the College fulfils all the criteria and quality regulations applied in Oman.  We are honoured that you are interested in continuing your education with us and I hope you will make the most of opportunities to expand your knowledge. I sincerely wish that you will reach all of your goals and realize all your dreams here at UoB. You are welcome to contact me or any other member of the College for any clarification. We are pleased to provide you the support and service you deserve. The College of Business is your ideal gateway to the rapidly changing and dynamic business world of today!  College life is always an amazing time of life. I sincerely hope you will make the most of it. Together, we will learn to change the world.

  • Equip students with appropriate skills and knowledge which prepares them to strive and succeed in a diverse, global business environment.

  • Produce successful entrepreneur’s or business specialists with creative, innovative and problem solving skills.

  • Foster collaborative relationships with internal and external units to enhance quality of college initiatives, programs, and activities as well as career and industry readiness of our graduates.

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