The College of Health Sciences is one of the constituent academic entities of the University of Buraimi. It has been operational since the commencement of the University. It has diverse multinational faculty members, state of the art laboratories including high end simulators. There are 12 laboratories fully equipped to meet student practical learning needs.


Within a short span of time the college has made a mark in terms of academic standards and quality overcoming multiple challenges. In evidence its graduates have consistently passed professional licensing examinations and are employed in the local health care sector.


The college organizes extracurricular and co-curricular events regularly to expose students to wide range of learning experiences.  Regular Faculty development events are held and faculty are supported to attend external events that hone their knowledge and skills ensuring maintenance of currency of professional competence.


The college has active local and international partnerships that contribute to experiential learning of students primarily their clinical skills. Its partnership with the Ministry of Health (MoH) Institutions is in clear evidence of a successful private public constructive engagement model that ensures student understanding of the health care needs of their own country. Student participation in events organized by other Higher Education Institutions, MOH Institutions and External Partner Institutions enhance their exposure and understanding of larger global healthcare issues and challenges.

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