About Student Affairs Department

The Student Affairs Department is directly related to students at the University of Buraimi. It works to provide them with the appropriate means to develop students' abilities and skills by supporting their participation in student activities, advisory councils, student clubs, and local and external support programs. Also, it provides guidance services and student partnership programs inside and outside the institution. Therefore, the work of the Department is aimed at:

  • Providing programs for student activities and university campus life

  • Providing student support services

  • Providing internal university housing for female students

  • Providing student Counselling and Engagement services (represented in the EDRAK Unit)

  • Providing the university clinic (approved by the Ministry of Health)

  • Providing a mechanism for communication with graduate students and program directed to them

Also, the Department monitors the roles of student councils and clubs.

Encourages the Students in their e activities and programs that serves university students to participate in local and international competitions.


We are pleased to inform you the following links are used for the communications to update the Club & Council activities.

For more details, please see the approved version of the Student Guide (click here).


For any queries or assistance kindly contact the Student Affairs Department.

We wish you a rich experience supporting your scientific path.

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