Bachelor of Law Program

Program Description

The college of law offers a Bachelor of Law program in accordance with a three-and-a-half to four-year program, including a foundation program of 137 credits during eight semesters.

The College seeks to comply with the legal developments at the national and international levels to increase the degree of effectiveness that corresponds to the scientific, practical, and technical developments in various legal fields.

Admission Requirements
  • General Diploma Certificate (successfully), or equivalent certified in the Sultanate.

  • With Minimum Grade of D or 50%

Program Objectives
  • Provide the Omani community and labour market with qualified legal competencies that contribute to developing skills and knowledge - scientific, practical and technical - to work in all legal fields.

  • Provide the graduate with capacities to contribute to society and to upgrade and promote legal, scientific research in the interest of Omani and international society.

Student Outcomes
  • Understanding the legal rules of various branches of law.

  • Accommodate general legal texts and principles.

  • Application of the provisions of the legal texts to the substantive facts arising from disputes and litigations.

  • Distinguishing between different types of legal texts.

  • Analysis of jurisprudence and judiciary and development of appropriate legal solutions for dispute resolution.

  • Evaluation of the merits and legal facts of the case with a view to reaching the applicable legislative text.

  • Effective communication with others and adopt leadership roles with full responsibility.

  • Manage different tasks independently with advanced levels of understanding and values while proposing solutions that require significant change in attitudes.

Career Path

A bachelor's degree in law is the gateway to the legal field. By obtaining it, a bachelor's degree can enrol in all legal work from lawyers, judiciary, investigation and even military sectors, as well as work as a legal researcher and consultant in companies, institutions and bodies.

Bachelor of Law

Graduation Plan

Total: 137.0 C.H.

Course Code Course Title Sem Prerequisite Credit Hour

LMAT 001


1 & 2



FINS 001

مهارات التعلم العامة (للقانون)

1 & 2



PRLW 101

المدخل إلى القانون




PRLW 109

تاريخ ومقاصد التشريع الإسلامي




PRLW 111

قانون الإثبات



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