• Completing an application form (Online).
  • Original general education certificate or certified equivalent + Grade sheet.
  • Copy of valid passport.
  • Copy of valid ID.
  • Copy of birth certificate.
  • Four recent colored passport size photographs.
  • Certificate of good behavior.
  • Take the placement test at UOB.
  • Take the college admission test of health sciences.
  • Copy of bank guarantee (if any) bank account.
  • Pay (115 ) OR. nonrefundable fees for application of admission + ID card + Internet fee.
  • Transferred credits are acceptable from other recognized intuitions and original
  • Copy of transcript must provided.

Online Early Booking

The Admission and Registration Department (ARD) provides online early booking service for students who will register in Fall/Spring semesters in order to help them avoid last minute problems arising out of closure of sections and by planning their courses in advance. This service can be availed by regular students only. No fees need to be paid for this online early booking of courses. The fees can be paid during the regular registration week for Fall/Spring.

Advising/Selection of Courses

Upon careful consideration and due consultation with his or her assigned academic advisor, the student shall establish a definitive plan of courses in which to enroll for a respective semester. Both the academic advisor and the concerned student shall sign the completed, official registration form detailing the plan of courses.

Students may also register online at

Remittance of Payment for Fees

The student shall submit the signed, completed registration form to the University Cashier’s Office and remit payment of all accumulated fees, at which time he/she shall receive confirmation of registered courses. The student’s class schedule shall be subsequently forwarded to the student via

Note: The following students are not allowed to register online:
  • At-Risk students (shall contact their academic Advisor); however, they can use the “Online Early Booking.”

  • Students registering in foundation courses (Check with the Finance Dep.)

Web Access to Online Registration

  • Open the web browser and write the following address:

  • Enter user name and password.

  • Press “Log in”

Booking Online

  • Select “Online Registration” from “Registration” drop down menu.

  • “Student Advising” screen will appear.

  • Press on (Booking Page) at the bottom of the screen. The graduation plan will appear.

  • If the student has completed the “Online Early Booking” the system will download your early booking automatically.

  • Click on “Save Booking” at the bottom of the booking page. (A message will appear confirming the booking which is then reserved for a period of 48 hours.)

  Note: “Booking Page” button will not appear if the student is not permitted to be registered.

If the student has not completed the “Online Early Booking” please follow these steps:

  • Press on the course name that you wish to register in (Only active courses).

  • A small window will appear containing all the sections offered for the selected course.

  • Press on the Section No. to select the required section.

  • The sections you have selected will be highlighted in green color, and then close that window from the right bottom.

  • To unselect the course, press on (X) button.

  • Press “Save Booking” at the bottom of the booking page.

  • Follow the instructions of “Confirming the Booking”. Refer to item “C-Confirming the Booking.”

  • Close this window

Registering in Waiting Lists

In case the course was not offered, and the student was eligible to register in, waiting list link will appear beside the course title.

  • Click on waiting list link.

  • Confirmation message will appear.

  • Press “Yes” bottom button.

  • List of waiting list courses will appear on the page bottom.

Re-taking a course

If a student wishes to register for a course that s/he has taken previously, s/he should complete the registration procedures through the Registration Office.

Incomplete Booking

If a student wants to register in less than the minimum number of courses normally allowed, he/she should check with the Dean’s office to complete the registration process.

Confirming the Booking

During the registration week, sponsored students by (MOHE, Companies, and Establishments) should follow the following steps:

  • Booking confirmation window will appear.

  • Booking Confirmation page will appear.

  • Press “Confirm Confirmation”

  • Print your class Schedules.

  • Close this window.

Private students

  • To confirm your booking online, 50% of course fees at least, should deposit in the student account.

  • Complete all required financial procedures with the cashier and receive the final copy of the class schedule.

  • Once complete all required financial procedures, the booked courses are confirmed.

Dropping Registered Courses

Student can drop all registered courses according to the academic calendar as follow:

  • Select “Online Registration” from “Registration” drop down menu.

  • “Student Advising” screen will appear.

  • Press on “Drop All Courses” at the screen bottom.

  • Warning message will appear (Press “Yes” to continue).

  • Confirmation message will appear

  • Press “Yes” to continue.

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