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Bachelor of Science in  Architectural Engineering

Program Information


Program Description

The Architectural Engineering (AREN) program curriculum provides the students with breadth of knowledge sufficient to understand the underlying concepts of the various components of Architecture Engineering. In addition, the students acquire depth that is sufficient to begin a successful career in the private/industry/government sectors, or seek graduate studies aiming towards a career in academe.  The program has 156 credit hours which can be divided into six sub parts as university requirements, general education requirements, college requirements, department requirements, program requirements, and electives requirements.


The university requirement of the AREN program primarily concentrates on the education for national integrity. The general education requirements make the student proficient in English communication generally as well as technically. The college and the department requirements consolidate the basic engineering knowledge, whereas the program and elective requirements focus on the specific direction.

Career Path

Graduates from the Architectural Engineering program may start their career path at public or private organizations, such as local municipalities, Ministry of Heritage and Culture, Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, Ministry of Housing, Engineering Consultant Firms and many companies in private sector. Students who prefer independency and enjoy self-success may start their own business. In terms of the field of work, it can be Building Design and Architecture  Consultation.


Be ready for new types of jobs to appear and do not limit yourself to classical jobs or jobs you know at the beginning of your engineering study. By the time you graduate, you may find new and innovative career opportunities.

ٍStudy Plan 

1. Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering

2. Diploma in Architectural Engineering




Bachelor of Science

Architectural Engineering


Bachelor of Science

Civil Engineering


Bachelor of Science

mechanical Engineering


Bachelor of Science

information &communication Engineering


Bachelor of Science

computer Engineering


Bachelor of Science

interior architecture


master of Science