Program Description

The Banking and Islamic Finance Program is a dynamic and innovative initiative from the University of Buraimi that aims to contribute to the strength and sustainability of the Islamic Financial sector which will ultimately benefit the Sultanate of Oman both economically and socially. Students will be given an introduction into the basic principles of Islamic finance before going to gain a more in-depth understanding of issues such as Takaful, Islamic capital markets and the main concepts behind Islamic accounting.


In addition to the required courses, students will have the options of selecting a number of electives that will allow them either to specialize further in the Islamic financial sector, or to broaden their knowledge base to cover more general financial topics such as International Finance or Financial Statement Analysis.

Career Path

This program combines theories and practical applications with concentration on Islamic fundamental and Shari’ah principles which equip the students to associate themselves in the banking & finance industry.


The program provides students high employability potential in professional areas of Islamic Finance. It is currently estimated that there are more than 1.6 trillion assets held within Islamic banks, and Ernst and Young reports that the top 20 Shariah-compliant banks have grown by 48 percent in recent years. There has never been a better time to pursue a career in Islamic finance. Potential career prospects include; International/Regional Banks, Financial services, Sharia Expert, Lending Officer, Internal Auditor, Regulatory Specialist, Risk Specialist, Accounting, University Lecturer.

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