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Bachelor of Arts in

Business Administration & E-Business Management

Program Information

Program Description

The Business Administration & E-Business Management degree program seeks to provide learners with a fundamental understanding of business administration and e-commerce principles which are essential for achieving a competitive edge in the contemporary business world.  

To achieve its primary objective to deliver modern and innovative courses of learning to students the Business Administration & E-Business Management program draws on technologically oriented courses such as programming, software application, relational data base management, IT application, project management, network development and website design.


The program deliverables in terms of knowledge and skills is attractive to potential employers in the business administration and e-business management areas of work, which in turn translate into a competitive advantage for students in the program upon graduation.​

Career Path

This program combines core business subjects with special focus on soft skills, Information technology which equip the graduates to choose their careers across various areas of business administration, or they can find a position directly related to e-business. Provides students the necessary knowledge as well as a broad set of skills that are useful in multiple functional areas of any private or public sector entity. The business administration and e-business management program provides students high employ ability potential in areas such as: accounting, logistics, marketing/sales, quality management, process management, product management, human resources management, purchasing/procurement, financing/insurance, risk management, controlling, consulting and project management.


Graduates can also expect to find jobs within organizations across a wide range of sectors such as health care, pharmaceutical, education, civil service, civil aviation, banks, oil industry, construction industry, and consulting. Graduates are also highly marketable within public sector organizations and NGOs locally and internationally. The program is also ideal for students who have entrepreneurial talent and who wish to start their own businesses.

Study Plan

1. Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration & E-Business Management

2. Diploma of Arts in Business Administration & E-Business Management


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