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We support the mission of our university by preparing competent graduates, conducting research and enhancing the quality of life.

our Core Values

  • Equip students with appropriate skills and knowledge which prepares them to strive and succeed in a diverse, global business environment.

  • Produce successful entrepreneur’s or business specialists with creative, innovative and problem solving skills.

  • Foster collaborative relationships with internal and external units to enhance quality of college initiatives, programs, and activities as well as career and industry readiness of our graduates.

The College of Engineering (CoE), as part of UoB, considers the students as its most precious product and is committed to do its best to assure quality education and ethics for future leaders in their field. The CoE offers six programs currently at the Bachelor and Diploma levels. These programs are Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Interior Architecture and Mechanical Engineering.

The Architectural Engineering Program provides students with the tools necessary to solve Architectural problems critical to our society’s well-being. The Program prepares graduates for entry into the Architecture profession, for life-long learning, and to function as Architects in a global society.

The Civil Engineering Program prepares and provides the workforce in technology development for sectors of construction industry. This structure allows students to proceed in specialization gradually.

The Information and Communication Engineering Program combines traditional telecommunications engineering topics with current information technology, software engineering, and data analysis topics. The program balances theoretical and practical experience in information and communication engineering through analysis, synthesis, and experimentation, using various instructional laboratories and student-centered learning methodologies.

The Mechanical Engineering Program encompasses the traditional roles of Mechanical Engineering in areas of analysis, design, manufacturing, and testing of mechanical and thermal systems, while also includes topics in electronics, industrial engineering, economy, entrepreneurship and creativity, heating-ventilation-and-air-conditioning, and power plants (industrial stations to generate electricity for cities.

The Computer Engineering Program prepares engineers to work in both Computer software and Computer hardware environments. They are prepared to develop applications and solve different types of problems.

The Interior Architecture Program covers designing and implementing interiors that provide safety, functionality, and aesthetics (beautiful and attractive appearance). As an interior architect, you manage the use of light, color, textures, furniture, and materials to create or refinish spaces at residential or commercial buildings according to the taste of your clients.

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Dear Students,

Welcome to the College of Engineering (COE) at University of Buraimi (UoB).

I am very happy and honored to serve the College of Engineering and its community as a Dean.
The College of Engineering offers six programs at Diploma level, six programs at Bachelor level and one program at Master level. Undergraduate programs are Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Interior Architecture and Mechanical Engineering. The postgraduate program is the Master of Science in Cybersecurity which has been recently approved and the College is planning to launch it in January 2019. Our faculty has extensive range of laboratories and workshops which are being modernized and expanded to provide better support for student design and innovative projects
The College of Engineering has continued to grow and develop as the development of Oman transforms and we offer programs that reflect Oman’s vision. We are very excited about your future – a future that we hope will help serve Oman.
We are an enthusiastic team of faculty, students and staff joined together from all four corners of the world with a wealth of knowledge in all areas of Engineering. We offer a vast array of opportunities, on and off campus, for you to learn, develop, discover and explore. We offer and promote pro-active learning and offer many opportunities for independent studies in our programs. The members of our faculty are committed to teaching, learning, research, and encourage shared knowledge.
We welcome you as part of our Engineering community and look forward to what we can achieve together.

Dr. Abdullah Said Al Kalbani

Dean, College of Engineering


Bachelor of Science

Architectural Engineering


Bachelor of Science

Civil Engineering


Bachelor of Science

mechanical Engineering


Bachelor of Science

information &communication Engineering


Bachelor of Science

computer Engineering


Bachelor of Science

interior architecture


master of Science