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college of health sciences MISSION

Progress oriented education, research and engagement that contribute to quality of life, and learner centered experience enhanced by sustainable local and global partnerships.

Uor objectives

  • To offer locally and globally relevant, innovative health professional education and professional development programs


  • To establish and maintain institution wide practices of learning through inquiry, lifelong and life wide learning

  • To initiate, carry out, and collaborate in research that contributes to health professional education and professional practice

  • To conduct voluntary community engagement activities, events, and services to inculcate value centered learning

  • To implement effective academia industry collaboration and partnership to continually enhance quality of college initiatives, programs, and activities as well as career and industry readiness of our graduates

  • To promote institution wide quality assurance systems to ensure achievement and surpassing of academic and professional standards

  • To provide quality academic experience to stakeholders in an environment conducive to personal, and professional growth and development


  • To maintain occupational health and safety standards​​​​

  • To actively encourage responsible stewardship in the management and utilization of institutional resources

The College of Health Sciences is one of the constituent academic entities of the University of Buraimi. It has been operational since the commencement of the University. It has diverse multinational faculty members, state of the art laboratories including high end simulators. There are 12 laboratories fully equipped to meet student practical learning needs.


Within a short span of time the college has made a mark in terms of academic standards and quality overcoming multiple challenges. In evidence its graduates have consistently passed professional licensing examinations and are employed in the local health care sector.


The college organizes extracurricular and co-curricular events regularly to expose students to wide range of learning experiences.  Regular Faculty development events are held and faculty are supported to attend external events that hone their knowledge and skills ensuring maintenance of currency of professional competence.


The college has active local and international partnerships that contribute to experiential learning of students primarily their clinical skills. Its partnership with the Ministry of Health (MoH) Institutions is in clear evidence of a successful private public constructive engagement model that ensures student understanding of the health care needs of their own country. Student participation in events organized by other Higher Education Institutions, MOH Institutions and External Partner Institutions enhance their exposure and understanding of larger global healthcare issues and challenges.

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Dear Students,


Welcome to the College of Health Sciences (CoHS) of the University of Buraimi. The college was established in 2010. It has taken shape and role among other similar colleges locally and regionally.  The excellent training provided to students using well-equipped laboratories, accessible facilities and sufficient clinical exposure in a conducive environment facilitated by well qualified faculty members make learning a wonderful experience. 


The college is offering undergraduate programs in Nursing and Optometry which are intensive and requires a dedicated effort on your part to achieve the level of competence required. This is because of the sensitivity of these professions that hardly allows any negligence, which would expose both the practitioner and the client to risks.


Health professional practice calls for a high degree of precision. Therefore, the student should acquire necessary knowledge and skills and blend them with the right attitude to become a successful professional. The graduate should be prepared to work hard and contribute effectively as one of the team members in a healthcare setting. The graduate should also be committed to lifelong learning to keep updated with the newer developments in the field through continuing education and training. 


If a student makes the effort and succeed, he/she will not only become a professional, but also a respected member in the community as they trust and handover you the responsibility and accountability for meeting their health needs and participating in saving their lives.


Dr. Galal Ismail

Dean, College of Health Sciences


Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Bachelor of Science in Optometry