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اعلانات الموظفين

staff Announcments

في إطار الإجراءات الوقائية و الاحترازية لضمان الحفاظ على سلامة العاملين في الجامعة و تماشيًا مع الجهود و الإجراءات المتخذة من قبل اللجنة العليا لمكافحة فيروس كورونا-كوفيد١٩-للحد من انتشار الفيروس .جامعة البريمي تقرر :

  • إلغاء نظام البصمة لاشعارا اخر  تماشيًا مع قرار اللجنة العليا لمكافحة فيروس كورونا

  • تخفيض نسبه العاملين في الجامعه تطبيقا لقرار اللجنة و الحفاظ على سلامة العاملين

  • تعديل ساعات الدوام العمل الرسمي

كما تهيب إدارة الجامعة بجميع الوظفين إتباع إجراءات الوقاية الصحيّة وعدم المصافحة من أجل الحفاظ على مكان عملٍ آمن وسلامة الجميع.

Within the procedures of preventive and precautionary to ensure and maintained the safety of the university’s employees and following the decision and procedures by the Covid-19 Supreme Committee to reduce spread of the virus, University of Buraimi decides:

  • Stop using the fingerprint system until further notice

  • Reducing the number of in duty employees at the University to maintain the safety of the employees by adjusting the official working hour

Finally, the university adhere the staff to follow the health and safety procedures to maintain a safe workplace. 

Also, UoB encourage staff not shake hands while greeting  

 COVID-19   Updates

University of Buraimi is closely monitoring the status of ongoing Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic with the health and safety of our community in mind. UoB top-management was quick to realize the impact of this lockdown on student learning, they responded promptly and quickly to implement an alternate way to continue teaching-learning activities and thus had a smooth transition from traditional teaching to online environment within a very short notice.

University of Buraimi has made the necessary adjustments to provide location flexibility where possible for all our staff and students with digital solutions and platforms in order to deliver work and to study remotely. The Information technology department came up with reliable online teaching solutions and ensured necessary technical support to the faculty to get the system up and running. Along with Moodle the learning management system, it was not challenging for UoB academic staff and students to integrate GoToMeeting (an online discussion and interaction platform) which supported the transition to online teaching in four areas – live streaming, pre-recorded teaching sessions, facilitating discussions in a digital platform and providing assessment and receiving feedback.

UoB –Getting Ready for this Transition

Reach Out to Students Immediately

  • Create a WhatsApp group for each of your course and invite students to join the group for immediate communication while preparing the plan.

  • Guide the students by telling them not to panic and provide them assistance on how to use the online tool.

  • Formulate a plan for your course delivery ensuring the accomplishment of course outcomes and communicate the class schedule with your students.

  • Assure the students that all their queries and concerns will be promptly responded.




 Adopt best practices of online teaching and learning

  • Adapt traditional teaching content to best fit the online teaching methodology

  • Plan your presentations or discussions by having recorded sessions or by having live classes. 

  • Continuously ensure student participation through chats and discussion forums

  • Plan assignments and activities to be submitted digitally to you through Moodle or by email.

  • Use structured names for your assignments like Course Code_Sec_Student Name

  • Upload the learning resources on Moodle and notify students about the availability of content and its location. Upload the resources prior to the scheduled lecture.

  • Ensure that online resources shared with the students are compatible mobile friendly file formats

  • In addition, faculty members can also capture presentations recorded on their personal devices and upload them on Moodle or Youtube. Alternatively, you can record your voice on your PowerPoint presentations and share them as well.

  • In order to sustain the lab components of classes, the faculty members are encouraged to have video demonstrations of techniques, online simulations etc.

Remote Teaching Tools

At UoB, we use GoToMeeting and Moodle for online course delivery.



Go To Meeting

  • GoToMeeting allows live sessions where students can join the class either by using computer or smartphone. Instructors can record their class and share the link with the students which allows them to attend the class at their own pace.

  •  Instructors can share presentations, their desktop and can also have discussions with the students using the chat feature of GoToMeeting.


Watch tutorial Video on how to use GoToMeeting





























  • Moodle allows students and instructors engage in teaching and learning just as they would in a physical premise by creating  their own private online hub for online teaching from anywhere and anytime.

  • It can be integrated with any learning tools available on the internet. For example, Turnitin, ZOOM, wiki, YouTube, G-Suite, BigBlueButton, etc. which are also being utilized by UOB for its e-learning activities.

  • At UOB, Moodle is utilized for delivering and assessing courses, conducting assignments and grading them, holding Q and A forum activities for asynchronous interactions, using as a storage point for sharing lecture materials, and organizing blended or distance education. 


   Watch tutorial Video on how to use Moodle




اعلانات الطلبة 

Students Announcments