Bachelor of Arts in

Export Oriented Management

Program Information

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Program Description

The Export Oriented Management programme offers a multi-faceted approach to studying the development of effective international trade relations and marketing efforts between export oriented business entities. One of the unique points of the program is the strong emphasis on the ability of learners to communicate proficiently in several international languages that support export oriented management activities. The primary driver of the program resides in the multi-dimensional approach to the delivery of just-in-time skill sets that are critical to providing business solutions to organizations in the international trade arena. The program offers students the opportunity of specialize in one of three dedicated areas:


  1. Human Resources & Intercultural Management

  2. International Law & Global Political Studies

  3. International Management & Business


Conceptually, the program is reinforced with soft skill oriented courses such as personality training, critical and creative thinking, research and problem solving, which are designed to provide a human dimension to the integrated learning regime. Typically, students study courses related to intercultural management and international aspect of human resource management, e.g., International management methods, International labor law, Training of intercultural competences, International aspects of HRM and others.

Career Path

The export oriented management program provides students high employability potentials in areas such as accounting, logistics, exporting, international trade, international marketing, sales, international relations, product management, human resources management, purchasing/procurement, commercial law, controlling, consulting and project management.


Graduates can expect to pursue careers within private and public organizations in sectors such as civil service; civil aviation; oil industry; construction industry; consulting and self-employment as entrepreneurs. Graduates are also marketable within government structures and NGOs locally and internationally.

Study Plan 

1. Bachelor of Science in Global Supply Chain Management and Logistics


Bachelor of Arts BAnking & Islamic Finance 

Bachelor of ARts administration & e-business management 

Bachelor of Science

Management Information Systems

Bachelor of  science global supply chain management & logistic 

Bachelor of Arts export oriented management