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General Foundation Program

The General Foundation Program is designed to bridge the gap between secondary and post-secondary education.  Students are given a foundational knowledge in the core areas of English, Mathematics and Information Technology.  The program also establishes a solid foundation in other important skills, such as study skills, self-directed study and general life skills.  The program aims to empower students with the desire and the ability to pursue lifelong learning.  The GFP is thus designed to enable the students to taste the fruits of success not only in their future academic endeavors, but in all facets of their life to follow.


The General Foundation Program (GFP) endorses the standards of the Oman Authority for Academic Accreditation (OAAA), which is “designed and used to provide additional academic support to those students who require it”. Hence, our GFP is structured help students meet the specified learning outcomes in the following four areas of learning, namely: English Language, Mathematics, IT and General Study Skills.

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Admission to GFP

Students entering the General Foundation Program should have successfully completed high school and have been awarded their high school diploma.  They should have been accepted for studies at the University by the Admissions and Registration Department and the relevant governmental authorities.  Students will undertake three placement tests in each of the core areas: English, Mathematics and Information Technology.  They will enter the GFP according to their level in each of the placement tests.

GFP Exemption Policies:


For all components: attaining a score of 90%+ on the Placement Test (PT) followed by a 65%+ on the Challenge Test


For English Language: a verified IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL score

For Information Technology: a verified IC3 or ICDL

Course Description

English: The English component of the GFP is delivered over three successive levels, with a duration of three semesters with each semester being approximately 15 weeks in length. The component places equal emphasis on all of the core skills of the language, namely Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The component also places a strong emphasis on proper grammatical structures. The major aim of the English component is for students to be able to proceed with further education delivered in the English language, and also to be able to access literature and software which is primarily English-language based within their future careers. Assessments are done via quizzes, in-class presentations, projects, essays and midterm and final examinations.


Mathematics: The Mathematics component of the GFP is delivered over three successive levels in two major streams. Each semester has a duration of approximately 15 weeks in length. All GFP math students will study basic functions, real numbers, algebra, trigonometry and graphing. Students intending to major in Business will take Applied Mathematics which focuses on statistics and probability. Students intending to major in Engineering or Health Sciences will take Pure Mathematics which focuses on advanced functions, trigonometry, quadratic equations and logarithmic and exponential functions. Assessments in Mathematics are mainly done through quizzes, assignments and midterm and final examinations.


Information Technology: The IT component of the GFP is delivered over three successive levels, with each having a duration of 15 weeks in length. The IT component focuses on building up students’ familiarity with the MS Office suite so that they are able to utilize the Office applications to create projects, reports and other deliverables as needed. The component’s utility extends far beyond the confines of the classroom as these skills are essential in today’s modern workplace. Information Technology is assessed mainly through practical assessments such as projects, quizzes and midterm and final examinations. The assessments focus on creating and manipulating documents, PowerPoints, databases and spreadshee

Educational Pathway

On successful completion of all GFP components, by scoring a final score of 65% in each course of the 3rd level of the Program, a student moves to study in their college programs.


Furthermore, a student who only passes the English GFP component can register in some college courses while registering the remaining GFP compulsorily courses. As the UoB’s GFP rests on the same grounds of all other GFP in Oman as set by OAAA’s GFP Standards in Oman, graduates of a Program can transfer their credit to any other HEI in Oman and be exempted from it in the host institution. 

About Department of Service Courses

This department is in charge of offering two group of courses, namely Language for Special Purposes (LSP) courses and General University Requirements) (GUR).


Language courses (English, German, and Spanish) enhance students’ foreign language skills within their own specializations. CFS offers these courses in full collaboration with concerned colleges to ensure that the provision serves the Colleges objectives and align with the relevant programs intended learning outcomes. Therefore, it follows all academic procedures and regulations adopted by the concerned college.


·         English for Business, offered to CoB students


·         English for Health Sciences, offered to CoHS students  


·         English for Engineering, offered to CoE students


·         English for Law, offered to CoL students


·         German language courses, offered to CoHS(Nursing) students


·         Spanish language course, offered to CoB students

GUR courses are compulsory for all UoB students as part of their college study plans. They are offered in Arabic and follow all CFS internal academic procedures and regulations.

      -  Arabic Language Skills

      - Oman Society

      - Oman History