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Bachelor of Science in

Global Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Program Information

Program Description

The program importance is backed with several key factors. Among them are current economic and demographic tendencies in the Sultanate of Oman, existing development plans of the Sultanate and the local and regional labor market conditions and tendencies. The offered program in general, as well as its mission and program objectives is consistent with the university’s mission and goals.


The carried out benchmarking of the proposed program with programs offered by other regional and world universities shows that the program is in line with most top rated programs of the selected universities in terms of the number and structure of the elective courses. The curriculum covers all major subject areas of logistics and supply chain management and the program graduates will be ready to fill a wide scope of vacancies related to the studied knowledge domain.

Career Path

The Global Supply Chain and Logistics Program provides students with high employ ability potentials in areas such as Logistics, Supply Chain, transportation, airports. Graduates from the Program can expect to find jobs within the private and public entities.


Some of the potential jobs where graduates can expect to be employed include: Logistics, Supply Chain Officer, Operations Manager, Warehouse Manager, Transportation Manager, Traffic Coordinator, Demand Planner, Analyst, Master Production Scheduler, Supply Chain Management Analyst, Sourcing/Logistics/Project Manager, Supply Chain Software Manager. 

Study Plan 

1.  Bachelor of Science in Global Supply Chain Management and Logistics


Bachelor of Arts BAnking & Islamic Finance 

Bachelor of ARts administration & e-business management 

Bachelor of Science

Management Information Systems

Bachelor of  science global supply chain management & logistic 

Bachelor of Arts export oriented management