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Bachelor of Science in  Information and Communication Engineering

Program Information




Program Description

The program Information and Communication Engineering (ICEN) in the Department of Technical Engineering aims to prepare and provide the workforce in technology development for sectors Information Technology, Telecommunication industry, Electronics, Software, and Hardware technology.  The program has 136 credit hours which can be divided into six sub parts as university requirements, general education requirements, college requirements, department requirements, program requirements, and electives requirements.


The university requirement of the ICEN program primarily concentrates on the education for national integrity. The general education requirements make the student proficient in English communication generally as well as technically. The college and the department requirements consolidate the basic engineering knowledge, whereas the program and elective requirements focus on the specific direction.

Career Path

Graduates from the Information and Communication Engineering program may start their career path at public or private sectors, such as Ministry of Transport & Communication, Ministry of Defense, Royal Oman Police, Ministry of Higher Education, Engineering Divisions in other than the above Ministries, Others (Banks, Insurance Companies, etc.) Students who prefer independency and enjoy self-success may start their own business.


In terms of the field of work, it can be Communication and Telecommunication Systems, Information Technology Systems, Programming Systems, Computer Manufacturing Systems.

Study Plan 

1.  Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Engineering

2. Diploma in Information and Communication Engineering


Bachelor of Science

Architectural Engineering


Bachelor of Science

Civil Engineering


Bachelor of Science

mechanical Engineering


Bachelor of Science

information &communication Engineering


Bachelor of Science

computer Engineering


Bachelor of Science

interior architecture


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