Bachelor of Science in

Management Information Systems

Program Information

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Program Description

The MIS degree program at CoB is designed to provide comprehensive and well balanced training to undergraduates in the field of management information systems. The program is multidisciplinary by design and provides a fundamentally sound grounding in technical as well as business skills, coupled with associated skills in areas of managerial skills, skills for life, and societal values.


The MIS offering is nestled within the College of Business. The program builds on business core courses as well as general education and general university requirements as necessary and complementary aspects of the delivery. The MIS program is designed to meet increasing needs by technologically-oriented firms that wish to attract employees with a blended background in business knowledge base and IT skills.

Career Path

Business organizations have a strong need for individuals who understand the various business functions and who also understand the role of ICTs in a contemporary organizational environment. Given the rate of technological advances and the increasing amount of information available today, there is every reason to expect there to be a wide range of opportunities for MIS professionals within nearly every department of organizations of all sizes and industries. Potential career paths include:

Systems/Business Analyst, dealing with business information requirements, manual and automated procedures, and business problems and opportunities in order to design improved information services.


Software Engineer, research, design, and develop computer software systems in conjunction with hardware product development.


Programmer/Analyst, develop, test, and document computer programs, applying knowledge of programming techniques and computer systems.


E-Commerce Developer, design, implement, and maintain the internet and e-commerce presence associated with an organization.


Database Analyst, apply knowledge of database technologies and tools to manage, organize, and utilize the vast amount of information available to an organization.


Business Intelligence Analyst, use analysis tools to query and model data in repositories and generate reports and charts, to enhance organizational decision-making.


Project Management, application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.


IT/IS Auditor, responsible for reviewing assets, including information systems, technology, and related business procedures, to assess risk exposure in areas beyond security.

Study Plan

1. Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems

2. Advanced Diploma in Management Information Systems

3. Diploma of science in Management Information Systems


Bachelor of Arts BAnking & Islamic Finance 

Bachelor of ARts administration & e-business management 

Bachelor of Science

Management Information Systems

Bachelor of  science global supply chain management & logistic 

Bachelor of Arts export oriented management