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About Student Affairs Department

The Student Affairs Department is directly related to students at the University of Buraimi. It works to provide them with the appropriate means to develop students' abilities and skills by supporting their participation in student activities, advisory councils, student clubs, and local and external support programs. Also, it provides guidance services and student partnership programs inside and outside the institution. Therefore, the work of the Department is aimed at:

  • Providing programs for student activities and university campus life

  • Providing student support services

  • Providing internal university housing for female students

  • Providing student Counselling and Engagement services (represented in the EDRAK Unit)

  • Providing the university clinic (approved by the Ministry of Health)

  • Providing a mechanism for communication with graduate students and program directed to them

Also, the Department monitors the roles of student councils and clubs.

Encourages the Students in their e activities and programs that serves university students to participate in local and international competitions.


We are pleased to inform you the following links are used for the communications to update the Club & Council activities.

For more details, please see the approved version of the Student Guide (click here).


For any queries or assistance kindly contact the Student Affairs Department.

We wish you a rich experience supporting your scientific path.

About Students Counceling & Engagement Center

This center is established with the aim of providing Students Counseling, Students Engagement in different curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and initiatives. It is an effort to step forward towards realizing vision and mission of the University. This center is mainly divided into Students Advisement & Counseling, Students Engagement & Students Training, Habilitation & Awareness. Each unit is focused on specialist area so that the importance and purpose of establishing this center does not dilute at the operation’s level of the center, these units strengthen the idea and deliver efficiently and effectively.


Students Engagement

Students Engagement Unit's conscentration is to develop vibrant campus life to in order to enhance learner centered experiences. Campus life award scheme for students (CLASS) is developed for to recognize students’ contributions and Students’ Academic Grievance Redress Policy (SAGRP) ensures is transparency, fairness and unbiased approach to resolve academic and other related matters of the students. Following are the aims and objectives of students’ engagement

Aims & Objectives

  • To identify students’ interest, abilities and talents and strengthen those by providing appropriate guidance, support and learning environment

  • To identify areas of improvement and support students by providing corrective measures

  • To develop a students’ data base consisting of different competencies, abilities, and talents enabling to involve students with appropriate abilities for different campus life and other events

  • To inculcate necessary abilities those develop students’ academic and non-academic potential

  • To engage students in curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, events, competitions within and outside academic environment

  • To support students be more responsible citizen, become efficient, capable and work oriented person

  • To maintain and provide appropriate periodical reports to the competent authorities as per policies


Students Training, Habilitation and Awareness

Students Training, Habilitation and awareness is one of the major responsibilities of SEAAC. This unit coordinates other two other units of students’ advisement and counseling and students’ engagement. Any kind of training, habilitation and awareness needs of students (either identified by SEAAC or any other entity) are addressed by this unit. This unit through habilitation and awareness campaign at times enables other entities to adopt proactive approach such as developing awareness campaign to manage at-risk students so that students’ and faculty members are able to take corrective measures before it gets too late. The Unit also provides training on variety of different areas those were identified by SEAAC or any other entity, for example; training for communication, interview, and presentation skills, ethical, religious, and managing stress training courses etc.

Aims & Objectives

  • To identify training, habilitation and awareness needs of the students

  • To suggest and recommend different training, habilitation and awareness activities, programs, event, conferences, seminars and other appropriate courses to academic and other entities

  • To purpose, develop and conduct different habilitation and awareness activities and training courses identified by SEAAC or any other entities

  • To support improving students’ academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular, personal, physical and social abilities through habilitation and awareness activities

  • To create a data base and share information to concerned entities if students require any awareness or habilitation training

  • To be the custodian of all data and information related to students training, habilitation and awareness

  • To be main internal and external communication channel as per UoB policies

  • To develop and improve training, habilitation and awareness policies and systems as per requirements and applicable policies

  • To report on annual bases all activities, achievement and concerns related to students training, habilitation and awareness to the concerned authorities

Students Advisement and Counseling

Students advisement and counseling constitutes of two basic areas. First relates to students academic and related advisement and the second area covers different kinds of counseling including health, psychological and personal matters. Students advisement consists of various academic and related concerns of the students where advisement deemed necessary and it includes all matters related to warning letter(s), on probation students, at risk-students and general academic advisement. The academic advisement and related matters that does not come under the domain of this center are referred to the concerned departments/colleges etc. The academic advisement is governed through the academic advisement policy.

Aims & Objectives

  • To provide academic advisement to the students who received or may receive warning letters

  • To provide academic advisement to the students at probation or may lead to probation

  • To provide academic advisement to at-risk students

  • To achieve better understanding of the curricula and programs

  • To increase students awareness of their role in developing their academic study plan

  • To emphasize the importance of Faculty member’s role in the academic advising process

  • To facilitate academic and educational process to achieve the objectives and intended outcomes

  • To improve the educational process and its learning outcomes

  • To ensure effective and real time study plans leading to a timely and efficient graduation

Students Counseling

Students counseling consists of various kinds of counseling which includes; health, psychological, physiological, financial, personal, family and domestic counseling.  This center aim is to specialize such counseling whoever students are referred to appropriate internal departments established within the university or external experts as deemed necessary. The students’ counseling is governed through policies related to students’ counseling.

Aims & Objectives

  • To counsel students with psychological, mental health and problems, stress, tension, and depression caused due to academic, social, personal, and domestic or family issues

  • To provide and suggest appropriate course of action, solutions, psychological courses and training programs to the identified students

  • To continuously monitor counseling process and students improvement

  • To identify and recommend appropriate external consultation and training

  • To build students’ confidence, improve performance, and enable them managing and overcoming their psychological and stress related problems more independently and effectively

  • To ensure students’ social and academic life is stress free, active and participative and that students contribute to the fullest of their abilities

Contact Us

Sultanate of Oman, Al Buraimi Governorate

PO,BOX: 980, PC: 512

T| (+968) 25 648300   

E| info@uob.edu.om

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