Banking & Islamic Finance Program

Program Description

This program combines theoretical concepts and practical applications with a concentration on Islamic fundamental and Sharia principles, which equips students to associate themselves in the Islamic Banking and Finance industry. With Islamic banking gaining popularity even in predominantly non-Islamic countries, the graduates of the program will be warmly welcomed in conventional and Islamic banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions. The program requires 131 credit hours for completion.

Admission Requirements
  • A “General Education Diploma” (GED) with the following conditions: A General Education Diploma (12th standard) or certified equivalent with a minimum D grade in (pure or applied Mathematics) and English language.

  • A minimum of 500 in TOEFL, (or IELTS - 5 overall (academic); or TOEFL IBT-61)[1] or must take the English Placement Test (PT) at UOB.

  • Must take the Math and IT Placement Test (PT) at UOB and shall be placed at foundation/credit courses as per the PT result.

  • Students enrolled in the GFP will have to complete it in no more than two academic years. 

  • Students shall pass the College Admission Test and/or the College Interview as required.

Exemption: A student may be exempted from the Foundation Program area requirements by presenting an equivalent qualification, (IELTS or TOEFL, SAT and (ICDL/IC3 in English) or passing the challenge exam.

Program Objectives
  • To develop graduates with the relevant knowledge and skills required for success in their careers as Islamic finance professionals.

  • To enable graduates to contribute to the society’s progress by developing the skills of research, professional and ethical practice.

Student Outcomes
  • Demonstrate an understanding of general financial concepts, principles and practices

  • Demonstrate an understanding of concepts and approaches related to Islamic Finance

  • Apply financial concepts and principles to solve business    problems related to general business and financial activities

  • Apply the gained knowledge and skills to problems related to Islamic Finance

  • Analyze a problem and design a solution based on an organization’s resources, requirements and needs.

  • Integrate appropriate regulations, standards and practices in company’s operations

  • Work effectively in a team and collaborate with others to accomplish a common goal

  • Communicate effectively to a range of audience through oral, written and visual presentation

Career Path

This program combines theories and practical applications with concentration on Islamic fundamental and Shari’ah principles which equip the students to associate themselves in the banking & finance industry.

The program provides students high employability potential in professional areas of Islamic Finance. It is currently estimated that there are more than 1.6 trillion assets held within Islamic banks, and Ernst and Young reports that the top 20 Shariah-compliant banks have grown by 48 percent in recent years. There has never been a better time to pursue a career in Islamic finance. Potential career prospects include

  • International/Regional Banks

  • Financial services,

  • Sharia Expert

  • Lending Officer

  • Internal Auditor

  • Regulatory Specialist

  • Risk Specialist

  • Accounting, University Lecturer

بكالوريوس آداب في الصيرفة الإسلامية والمالية


المجموع: 131.0 الساعات المعتمدة

رمز المقرر عنوان المقرر نصف السنة المتطلبات المسبقة ساعة معتمدة

ENGL 100

English I

1 & 2

FENG 003


BCIT 100

Business Computing & Applications

1 & 2

FENG 003
FINT/A 002
FMAT/A 002
FMAT/A 003


COMM 100

Effective Written Communication

1 & 2

FENG 003


MATH 120

Finite Mathematics

1 & 2

FENG 003
FMAT/A 003


ARAB 100

Arabic Language

1 & 2

FENG 003


HIST 100

Oman History

1 & 2

FENG 003


SOCI 100

Oman Society

1 & 2

FENG 003


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