Advanced Diploma of Science in Global Supply Chain Management and Logistic Program

Program Description

The program provides students with high employability potentials in areas such as logistics, supply chain, transportation and airport management and operations. With growing demand for the specialists in this area graduates are certain to receive a job placement upon completion of the program. The program requires 65 credit hours for completion.

Admission Requirements
  • A “General Education Diploma” (GED) with the following conditions: A General Education Diploma (12th standard) or certified equivalent with a minimum D grade in (pure or applied Mathematics) and English language.

  • A minimum of 500 in TOEFL, (or IELTS - 5 overall (academic); or TOEFL IBT-61)[1] or must take the English Placement Test (PT) at UOB.

  • Must take the Math and IT Placement Test (PT) at UOB and shall be placed at foundation/credit courses as per the PT result.

  • Students enrolled in the GFP will have to complete it in no more than two academic years. 

  • Students shall pass the College Admission Test and/or the College Interview as required.

    Exemption: A student may be exempted from the Foundation Program area requirements by presenting an equivalent qualification, (IELTS or TOEFL, SAT and (ICDL/IC3 in English) or passing the challenge exam.

Program Objectives
  • To develop graduates with the relevant skills and knowledge required to successfully create solutions to basic problems related to logistics.

  • To enable graduates to contribute to the society’s progress by developing the skills of  research, professional and ethical practice.

Student Outcomes
  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic general managerial concepts, principles and practice

  • Demonstrate an understanding of basic concepts related to logistics and supply chain management

  • Apply managerial concepts and principles to solve basic business problems related to general business activities

  • Apply the gained knowledge and skills to basic problems related to logistics and supply chain management

  • Analyze a basic problem and design a solution based on an organization’s resources, requirements and needs

  • Integrate appropriate regulations, standards and practices in company’s operations

  • Work effectively in a team and collaborate with others to accomplish a common goal

  • Communicate effectively to a range of audience through oral, written and visual presentation

Career Path

The Global Supply Chain and Logistics Program provides students with high employ ability potentials in areas such as Logistics, Supply Chain, transportation, airports. Graduates from the Program can expect to find jobs within the private and public entities.

Some of the potential jobs where graduates can expect to be employed include

  • Logistics, Supply Chain Officer

  • Operations Manager

  • Warehouse Manager

  • Transportation Manager

  • Traffic Coordinator

  • Demand Planner

  • Analyst

  • Master Production Scheduler

  • Supply Chain Management Analyst

  • Sourcing/Logistics/Project Manager

  • Supply Chain Software Manager

Advanced Diploma of Science in  Global Supply Chain Management and Logistic

Advance Diploma Plan

Total: 98.0 C.H.

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