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Centre of Foundation Studies (CFS) is the first and largest academic unit established at UoB on the same year of its inception. It accommodates and prepares the newly admitted students to enroll in their academic programs in the different UoB colleges. 

CFS is in charge of offering three types of courses, namely GFP courses (English, Mathematics, IT and Study Skills) beside other courses being offered to the students of other colleges at UoB. These include General University Requirements Courses (GUR) as well specific English courses (ESP) serving the different needs of these students. 

The General Foundation Program is designed to bridge the gap between secondary and college education. Students are given a foundational knowledge in the core areas of English, Mathematics, and Information Technology. The program also establishes a solid foundation in other important skills, such as study skills, self-directed study, and general life skills. The program aims to empower students with the desire and the ability to pursue lifelong learning. The GFP is thus designed to enable the students to taste the fruits of success not only in their future academic endeavors, but in all facets of their life to follow. 

CFS is proud of having a multicultural academic team for delivering these courses with adequate qualifications and varied expertise, all committed and enthusiastic to achieve CFS aims and goals. All CFS students and staff are subject to the requirements laid down by the University with respect to the regulations, bylaws, policies, and procedures. As such, we constitute an integral part of UoB structure and larger community. We work in close collaboration with all UoB academic as well administrative entities to achieve our goals, aligned to UoB Mission and Vision. 

In addition to its academic service to the UoB internal community, CFS also engages in a variety of community service activities, being part of UoB mission to serve the community. Our service in this regard includes various in short courses and professional development programs to both government and private sector entities. 

Admission to GFP

Students entering the General Foundation Program should have successfully completed high school and have been awarded their high school diploma. They should have been accepted for studies at the University by the Admissions and Registration Department and the relevant governmental authorities. Students will undertake three placement tests in each of the core areas: English, Mathematics, and Information Technology. They will enter the GFP according to their level in each of the placement tests.

 GFP Exemption Policies:

  • In the case that the student brings a certificate of completion for the foundation program successfully in any higher education institution, the student will be exempted from studying the entire foundation program at the university.

  • In the case that the student brings a diploma/high diploma/bachelor's degree from any higher education institution, the student will be exempted from studying the entire foundation program at the university.

  • For English Language: a verified IELTS certificate with at least 5.0 band score or TOEFL score of 500 and above (or their equivalent).

  • For Information Technology: a verified IC3 or ICDL


Dr. Kais Amir Kadhim Alalwan

Director, Center of Foundation Studies

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