CFS Director’s Message

 Dear Students, 

A sincere greeting to all of you and welcome to the University of Buraimi. The General Foundation Program (GFP) is your first contact with university life, and it is the place where almost all students will begin their first university studies. The goal of the (GFP) is to prepare the UoB students for further studies in their selected colleges. It helps to build a link between grade 12 schools to the more independent and challengeable study experience found at university level. The (GFP) consists of four components, namely English Language, Mathematics, Information Technology and Study Skills. The aims of these components are to provide our students with the linguistic capability to participate in classes delivered in the English language, to have the fundamental Mathematical perceptions required for further studies in numeracy, to have the computing background required of postsecondary students and to have the soft skills needed to succeed in independent study. 
In the (GFP), our aim is not just to be a General Foundation Program, but also to have a real community. It is my most sincere anticipation that all of you will enjoy your time in the (GFP) and that you will find your academic experience enriched and enabled by the skills that you learn in the UoB. Your success is ours too. I highly encourage you to take full advantage of all the opportunities that you have here in the (GFP) and become involved in your university community. Participate in our activities, clubs, and events, get to know your classmates and teachers, and of course, don’t forget to give your best effort in your studies. It is our goal that the (GFP) is not just a foundation program, but that is also great for the community.

 Once again, welcome to the GFP and may your time here be happy and fruitful. 


Dr. Kais Amir Kadhim Alalwan

Director, Center of Foundation Studies

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