Students Affairs Department

About the Department

Student Affairs Department serves the students and alumni and strives to provide the right atmosphere for the development of their abilities and skills. The following sub-units support the department:

  • Student Support Services Unit

  • Career Guidance, Internship, and Alumni Support Services  Unit

  • Student Activities and Campus life Support Unit

  • Accommodation Unit

Director Message

Welcome to the Student Affairs Department (SAD)of the University of Buraimi (UoB). It is my pleasure and privilege to serve as the Director of SAD. The SAD is committed to serving the student body, helping the students to take full benefits of the available services, resources & facilities.

The aim of SAD is to facilitate UoB students throughout their stay at campus through a wide range of activities, services and resources thus creating an environment that fosters students’ academic success and personal growth.

 Engaging in these activities allow UoB students to develop critical thinking skills, enhance leadership skills and contributes to their overall personality development. The department is committed to serving our Alumni and considers them brand ambassadors of UoB.

Our number one priority is to serve our students with pride, passion and determination. We will strive to make the student experience at UOB an enriching one that will last a lifetime.

Student Affairs Department Director

Contact Us

Ms. Wafa Rashid Al Alyani ,Director

Tel: +968 2564 8306


Career Guidance, Internship and Alumni Support Services – Unit

Mr. Salim Said Al Alawi

Tel: +968 2564 8335


Mr. Ahmed Juma Al Naimi

Tel: +968 2564 8374


Student Activities and Campus life Support Unit

Mr. Hamdan Khamis Al-Ghaithi

Tel: +968 2564 8380


Ms. Taif Khalifa Al Risi


Student Support Services Unit

Ms. Rima Ahmed Al-Alawi

Tel: +968 2564 8300 Ext: 257


Ms. Khoula Thuwaini Al-Kindi

Tel: +968 2564 8342


Ms. Laila Amer Al Hinai

Tel: +968 2564 8375


Accommodation Unit

Ms. Aisha Sultan Al Kaabi

Tel: +968 2564 8391


Student Services

Student Support Services (SSS) Unit is responsible for implementing and maintaining student support service programs and services in conformance with university objectives. These includes

  • University Clinic
  • Student Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Cafeteria
  • Student Counselling Services

University Clinic

The University has an on-campus clinic that provides basic health care and emergency medical assistance to students and faculty in need and also refers emergency cases to a local hospital. The university accommodation also has a nurse who attends to the medical needs of hostel students. Bus service is also available for an emergency transfer to the hospital.

Student Accommodation

UoB has an on-campus female students hostel with comfortable walking distance to colleges and other facilities. The hostel includes three connected buildings, each having five floors . Hostel has a total of  283 rooms of which 139 can accommodate three students in each room, and the remaining 144 rooms can accommodate four students each.


  • Hostel students have to abide by the  rules and regulations as stipulated in the Hostel Manual

  • Each Semester students can book hostel accommodation online using the Student Information System


The University of Buraimi provides transport arrangements for students and it includes

  • Picking and Dropping students from/to off-campus hostels

  • Shopping, recreational trips, and medical consultation for students staying in hostels

  • Attending training sessions at external locations

  • Industry and community visits of students from the Colleges


The University campus has three cafeterias and a Student Oasis. The Student Oasis is the main restaurant that can accommodate around 350 students. In addition there is a cafeteria is in the A building that serves hot beverages and snacks with 20-30 seating capacity. The Cafeterias are open from 08:00 am – 07:00 pm, while the Student  Oasis is available till 5:00 pm. Students at the hostel has the option to order from local restaurants.

Student Counselling Services

EDRAK under the Student Support Service Unit is established with the aim of providing Students’ counseling, students’ engagement (Training, habilitation, and students’ awareness) in different extra-curricular activities and initiatives. The counseling services can be availed by the students by visiting the center on their own or the students are referred for counseling by their academic advisors.

Student Activities and Campus Life

The Student Activities and Campus Life Support Unit of SAD works to identify students’ interests, abilities, and talents and is responsible for organizing and supervising various activities for students. The unit achieves this through a range of Student Clubs.

Any student who wish to be a part of this club and apply through the unit.

Law Club

Zawaya media club

Wesal social club

Asala cultural club

Engineering Club

Environmental Club

Business Administration Club

Optometry Club

Debate Club

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club

International Students Club

Toast Masters Club

Nursing Club

Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council is a key representative study body composed of student representatives elected by UoB students as per the guidelines of the MoHERI. The council is responsible for planning student activities and they also discuss student concerns and problems with university decision-makers through the guidance and support of SAD.

Student Advisory Council Structure 

The Student Advisory Council shall comprise, among its members as following:

  • Student Advisory Council Chair

  • Student Advisory Council Vice-Chair

  • Student Advisory Council Secretary Chair

  • Academic Committee Chair

  • Student Services Committee Chair

  • Committee on Activities and Initiatives Chair

Conditions relating to the chair and Vice-chair of the Council.

The chair of the Council and the Vice-chair shall meet the following conditions:

  • To be an Omani national.

  • Have successfully passed (45) credit hours of the study plan for the student in the diploma stage, and (60) credit hours of the study plan for the student in the bachelor stage.

  • The President and Vice-President of the Council shall hold office only once.

  • Should not hold an administrative position in one of the clubs or student groups in the university.

General conditions related to the candidate for membership of the Council.

A member of the Council shall meet the following:

  • Have completed at least one semester with a minimum academic load and a cumulative grade point average of at least two (2.00) out of four points for diploma and bachelor's students, and have not passed more than the minimum semester of the enrolled program with it.

  • To be enrolled at least the minimum academic load during the period of his membership, except for the graduation semester and summer semester.

  • He must not have been subjected to a disciplinary penalty.

The Career Guidance Internship and Alumni Services Unit act as a link between the students and labor market/employers, by establishing contacts with the industry in general and prospective employers. The Unit integrates special values, providing or at least accessing students to the expectations of the industry in general and potential/prospect employers in a closer/near approach. The unit support alumni and students with the opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and attitude in order to increase their employability opportunities through career guidance. The Unit achieves its aim/goal by organizing programs and training of various kinds with the aim of preparing students for their professional life in the labor market. The unit organizes JoB fair for the students of UoB.

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