Nursing Program


Program Description

The baccalaureate of Nursing program of University of Buraimi (UoB) consists of 130 credits units with foundation courses as requirement before students are acknowledged to the Nursing Program. The courses are spread in a study plan of eight semesters/ four years with integrated professional theoretical and practical training components to develop simultaneously the three learning domains; cognitive, psychomotor and affective (as student nurses move up to higher level). Courses on research, evidence – based nursing practice, Management and Leadership are offered to harness and equip the students to function as competent nurses and graduate health professionals. Clinical internship offers opportunity for the students to be exposed in specialized areas of nursing practice.

Admission Requirements
  • General education diploma: 65%.

  • Pure mathematics, Chemistry, Any of (Biology /Health Sciences) And English: 60%.

  • Common Admission Test (CAT).

Program Objectives
  • To develop graduates with the relevant skills and knowledge required for success in a nursing care setting

  • To equip students with skills of life-long learning.

  • To enable graduates to contribute to the welfare of the community by ensuring understanding of professional and ethical practice in nursing.

Student Outcomes
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts, principles, theories and models related to sociobiological sciences and health.

  • Explain the promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of health towards the improvement of population health across the lifespan.

  • Perform clinical care competently across lifespan in various healthcare settings.

  • Apply effective communication and ethico-legal skills in the management of client centered care.

  • Design nursing care management utilizing problem solving and decision-making skills in the provision of ethical and safe care.

  • Integrate reliable evidence from credible sources to guide clinical judgment and practice.

  • Exhibit leadership and management skills, flexibility and adaptability to the demands of the changing environment.

  • Recognize the need for life-long learning in various fields

Career Path

Nurses may take different roles and specialization based on their aspiration, interests, and goals. Variety of specializations are available such as nurse practitioner, nurse educator, advanced practice nurse, etc. such specializations are available with pursuing graduate degree as masters or doctorate.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Total: 130.0 C.H.

Course Code Course Title Sem Prerequisite Credit Hour

ARAB 100

Arabic Language

1 & 2

FENG 003


SOCI 100

Oman Society

1 & 2

FENG 003


ESPU 165

English for Nursing I

1 & 2

FENG 003


HSCR 101

Human Anatomy and Physiology


FENG 003


NURS 103

Fundamentals of Nursing - 1


FENG 003
HSCR 101


NURS 109

Psychosocial Sciences


FENG 003


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