Optometry Program


Program Description

The Bachelor’s program in Optometry at University of Buraimi aims to prepare clinically competent professionals who can communicate skillfully and knowledgeably with patients and other professionals, and to uphold high standards of professional integrity and behavior. The program is of 4 yrs duration offered in 8 semesters. The study plan ensures a systematic acquisition of necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to function as competent primary eye care professionals in an ethical and legal framework. Courses are carefully integrated to the curriculum to prepare graduates with valuable professional, transferable and life-long learning skills.

Admission Requirements
  • General education diploma: 65%.

  • Pure mathematics, Chemistry, Any of (Biology /Health Sciences) And English: 60%.

  • Common Admission Test (CAT).

Program Objectives
  • To develop the relevant professional and ethical knowledge and skills required for success as a primary eye care practitioner.

  • To equip graduates with the skills and ability to engage in professional and academic programs in the field.

Student Outcomes
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic science theories, concepts and principles underlying the visual system.

  • Describe the principles underpin clinical procedures and appliances used in eyecare.

  • Perform tests and techniques for primary eye care examination

  • Demonstrate patient interactions and approaches befitting to a clinician.

  • Analyze ocular findings to determine appropriate clinical methods.

  • Integrate observations and reliable evidences while making clinical decisions.

  • Exhibit organizational and interpersonal skills.

  • Work independently and effectively as a team member

Career Path

Optometrists work in a primary care level where they are typically the first point of contact for individuals concerned about their eyes or vision. Optometrists may specialize in different areas such contact lenses, vision therapy, sports vision, ocular disease, geriatrics, pediatrics, low vision etc. optometrists may take above specialization as master’s degree or at the doctoral degree levels.

Bachelor of Science in Optometry


Total: 130.0 C.H.

Course Code Course Title Sem Prerequisite Credit Hour

ARAB 100

Arabic Language


FENG 003


SOCI 100

Oman Society


FENG 003


OPTM 111

Geometrical & Physical Optics


FMAT/P 003


ESPU 185

English for Optometry - I


FENG 003


HSCR 101

Human Anatomy and Physiology


FENG 003


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