Master in Criminal Sciences

Program Description

The Master Program of Criminal Sciences offered by University of Buraimi seeks to provide a holistic background among students, enables them to possess the necessary knowledge in the field of Criminal Sciences  . The proposed programme provides the best quality services that meet the demands of Criminal Sciences requirements at an appropriate cost for Omani students as well as for the students who know Arabic language.

The master program of Criminal Sciences at the College of Law at the University of Buraimi is considered one of the graduate programs specialized in the field of law, as the program contains data and basic elements for stable graduate studies in universities and counterpart colleges inside and outside the Sultanate with a distinction that does not hide its elements so as to ensure the study of theoretical and practical knowledge related to Criminal Sciences, the student gains research skills for the ideas of specialization and a conscious understanding open to international legal schools, stimulates the interest of those working in the legal professions and strengthens the partnership between the specialization of criminal law, police sciences, legal studies and management sciences, which achieves effective communication and joint work within the state offices in the field of specialization and outside it.

Admission Requirements

1-      Admission is limited to law graduates who hold a first university degree in law or its equivalent from an educational institution recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in the Sultanate, with a GPA of no less than (2.75) on a measurement system consisting of (4) points. or equivalent.

2-      The applicant must be medically fit and pass the interview of the admission committee, with good conduct and behavior.

3-      The student should submit a recommendation from at least two instructors, who have previously taught him or from his employer.

Program Objectives

PO1.  Preparing cadres with in-depth scientific information in the field of Criminal Sciences to contribute to the development of society and the legal community at the regional and international levels.

PO2.   Encouraging lifelong independent learning by developing the capabilities of the Master of Criminal Sciences student to follow scientific research new methodologies and keep abreast  with the latest legal systems.

PO3. The graduate's ability to keep pace with the challenges posed by scientific developments, especially information technology and artificial intelligence, to the fields of Criminal Sciences.

Student Outcomes

A1:  Understands the basic rules and principles of Criminal Sciences.

A2:  knows new visions in the field of Criminal Sciences.

B1:  Explains the concepts and principles related to the rules of Criminal Sciences.

B2:  Discusses complex and controversial legal issues within the scope of Criminal Sciences to know its pillars and elements.

C1:  Analyzes new problems and issues within the framework of Criminal Sciences and extracts appropriate legal solutions to them.

C2: Extract the proposes solutions to legal problems in the field of Criminal Sciences, using legal knowledge and in new creative and innovative ways.

D1: Generate new knowledge in the field of specialization and use the most appropriate ways to communicate by various means.

D2: The ability to respond to problems and circumstances and acquire and develop knowledge in a moral and impartial manner.

Career Path
  • Judiciary and Public Prosecution.

  • Legal departments.

  • Government institutions, law firms and legal consultations

Master in Criminal Sciences

Master Plan

Total: 33.0 C.H.

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