At a cost of about half a milllion Omani Riyals

As part of its resource self-sustainment plans, the University of Buraimi signed an agreement for the Construction of a Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant with a production capacity of one and a half megawatts with Global Chemical Systems and Maintenance Co., Ltd.

The cost of this project is estimated at approximately half a million Omani riyals. The plant in question will be installed and operated on the campus of the University of Buraimi within six months from the date of signing the agreement, which lasts for five years. The company will carry out the installation, operation and full maintenance of the system during the contract period.

The agreement was signed by Mr. Yousef bin Abdul Rahim bin Mohammed bin Karam Al Farsi, Chairman of the University's Board of Directors, and Mr. Abdul Hafiz bin Salem bin Khalfan Al Barami, Managing Director of Global Chemical Systems & Maintenance Co. Ltd.

In a statement, Mr. Yousef bin Karam Al Farsi pointed out that this agreement is a continuation of the efforts made by the university administration to move towards exploiting more sustainable energy sources, taking advantage of many environmental and sustainable benefits, and helping to reduce the carbon footprint in the Sultanate.

Engineer Shawqi Al Balushi General Manager of Global Chemical Systems and Maintenance Co. Ltd., implementing the plant project, expressed his pleasure at signing this agreement with the University of Buraimi, one of the leading educational institutions in the Sultanate of Oman, and what the establishment of this type of project represents in universities that embrace development and renewal. He noted that through the Renewable Energy Department, Global will implement this plant with the latest specifications, standards and devices that ensure that the plant operates with the highest efficiency to produce clean energy without emitting greenhouse gases, and works to reduce air pollution by offering the best green solutions.

On the technical specifications of the project, Engineer Yasser Mohamed, Project Manager, stated that the planned solar power plant at the University of Buraimi had a capacity of (1,500) KW of clean solar power, which would produce electrical energy amounting to (2,400) MW/hour per annum and avoid up to (4,109,903) kg/year of harmful carbon emissions.

He also pointed out that the plant consists of (2420) solar panels, each panel generates (620) Watts, in addition to (13) solar inverters, each unit has a capacity of (100) kilowatts.

Eng. Yasser also explained that the system is equipped with a smart monitoring series and fast troubleshooting, and includes innovative MPPT technology that delivers maximum performance and revenue from the solar system, helping to extract the maximum available power from the photovoltaic module.

On this promising project, Mr. Saeed bin Salim Al Kalbani, member of the University's Board of Directors, noted that this plant is the first of its kind in Buraimi Governorate, and it is estimated to operate with full efficiency for (25) years.

Mr. Al Kalbani also pointed out that this project achieves the three pillars of the University's vision. In terms of education and training, it will provide an opportunity to offer practical training to students of the College of Engineering at the university on large projects such as this one. In terms of research, it will open up prospects for scientific research in the field of renewable energy. In addition, it will create opportunities to support entrepreneurship projects for small enterprises. After the expiration of the agreement, it can provide an opportunity to establish a student company that manages and operates the project within the University's entrepreneurship projects.

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