University of Buraimi Holds Annual Group Iftar for Administrative, Academic Staff, and Students

The University of Buraimi organized a group Iftar (breaking of fast) for its employees, including administrative and academic staff, as well as university students. The event was attended by members of the Board of Directors, with the aim of fostering camaraderie and creating an atmosphere of closeness and communication outside the formal work environment.

This group Iftar underscores the importance of enhancing social relationships among employees and students, away from the daily work routine, and deepening the bonds that connect them to serve the institution's interest. Group Iftars during the blessed month of Ramadan have become a valuable social tradition that strengthens individuals' sense of belonging and encourages them to embrace the spirit of the blessed month.

The Ramadan Iftar featured several interactive activities organized by student clubs, which brought joy to the attendees, including chanting, entertainment competitions, and special corners set up by the clubs.

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