University of Buraimi Institute in Collaboration with Buraimi Governor's Office Organizes a Training Program on "Communication Skills with the Public in the Workplace"

In collaboration with the Buraimi Governor's Office represented by the Directorate General of Financial and Administrative Affairs, the University of Buraimi Institute organized the training program "Communication and Interpersonal Skills with the Public in the Workplace." The program targeted employees from various sectors, especially those with public-facing roles. Structured to blend theoretical knowledge with practical application through hands-on learning, the five-day course equipped participants with crucial insights into effective communication, strategies for enhancing listening and speaking skills when interacting with the public, and techniques for managing diverse audience segments. Furthermore, the program emphasized the importance of identifying feedback from direct public communication and responding appropriately. Dr. Ibrahim bin Rashid Al Shamsi, Dean of the College of Business at the University of Buraimi, facilitated the training sessions throughout the five days.


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