University of Buraimi Training Program: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

In collaboration with the Office of the Governor of Buraimi, represented by the Directorate General of Financial and Administrative Affairs, the University of Buraimi Institute organized the training program "Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)", targeting several department directors, unit heads, and those involved in supervisory positions in various government sectors. This is to support the development of the daily work system and institutional development. The program, led by the trainer and expert in leadership and strategic planning, Mr. Jassem bin Murad Al-Mohammed will run for five days. It aims to provide trainees with an understanding of the importance of performance measurement and an awareness of the main challenges associated with performance measurement in Oman and worldwide. Trainees will also gain awareness of the concept of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), their importance, and the difference between performance management and performance measurement. Additionally, trainees will be able to prepare a strategic map using balanced Key Performance Indicators and understand and apply the success factors of Key Performance Indicators.

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