University of Buraimi Celebrates Internal Research Grant Allocation

Buraimi, 09/27/2023 - In a momentous event held on campus, the University of Buraimi celebrated the allocation of internal research grants for the year. This year, the University of Buraimi (UoB) proudly approved 12 research projects spanning across all its colleges. The event was meticulously organized by the Research Ethics and Biosafety Committee of UoB.  


The occasion witnessed the presence of esteemed individuals from the university's leadership and the academic community. Among the distinguished attendees were the Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Research, and Innovation, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs and Support Services, all college deans, assistant deans, principal investigators, co-principal investigators, and dedicated faculty members.  


The event's highlights: UoB's Head of RIEU talked about a year of impressive research achievements, while the VC and principal investigators (PI) signed contracts, a testament to the university's commitment to advancing knowledge and innovation.  


In his closing remarks, the Honorable Vice-Chancellor extended his heartfelt appreciation to the relentless efforts of the university's researchers and scholars. He also provided insights into the new initiatives and strategies designed to foster and elevate research activities within the university. These forward-thinking endeavors aim to propel UoB to even greater heights in the realm of academic research.  


The event concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by the Head of the Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (RIEU), expressing gratitude to all attendees for their participation and unwavering support.  

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